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  1. ELF

    Mythic Table

    Mythic Table is a free, open source VTT solution, currently in Kickstarter. The business model seems to be based on content market. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mythictable/mythic-table
  2. JochenL

    Looking for Foundry VTT owners who would like to help me test Foundry VTT hosting

    I am looking for community members who are Foundry VTT owners and who would like to help me test Foundry VTT hosting. I want to gauge how many instances can be hosted on one node, how much storage space is needed, and what the hosting costs are. You don't need to pay anything but you need to...
  3. Shazear

    Sound Tutorial Q&A

    Would you like to use sounds, voice changers, and streaming tools during your game? Do you have questions on how to get started or what someone else might be using and why? Ask your questions here! Background: During the last Wizards of Adventure zoom call with Johnn, I showed a quick set...
  4. holgerschillack

    VTT Virtual Table Top Resources Board & Tokens

    I was looking for some test boards and tokens for the CTT (Campaign Table Top) and just stumbled across a vast pool of potential VTT resources: https://www.reddit.com/r/Roll20/search?q=flair_name%3A%22MAPS%20%2F%20ART%20%2F%20TOKENS%22&restrict_sr=1 It contains some really nice art work and a...
  5. ELF

    Realm Engine

    Realm Engine is yet another VTT platform and currently kickstarting: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/realmengine/realm-engine With the overabundance of competing VTT solutions already on the market, it's hard to see this being successful - especially as it just a one developer show...
  6. JohnnFour

    Simple browser whiteboard

  7. Nemsoli

    Dealing with play over Skype, Discord, and Zoom?

    So at today's game (one where I'm a player, but I also GM other games) the topic of talking over each other came up. This is particularly notable now, but happens even in person. So what tips and tricks do you have? Someone suggested a baton, but I pointed out this is difficult to do.
  8. JohnnFour


    There's a whole bunch of virtual tabletops out there now. Use this thread to inventory them all.
  9. ELF

    Let's Role

    Yet another upcoming VTT platform, this time a French one: https://lets-role.com/ Not much to test yet, but you can register to get an invite. A Kickstarter is coming as well.
  10. JohnnFour

    Online Gaming Tips

    From RPT GM Joe: Hey Johnn, I ran a weekly Star Wars game online for almost 5 years and learned a lot. Last week I had to transition my in person game to virtual. Like you, I wanted something simple (also needed to be cheap). When I really thought about it, I wanted to be able to show the...
  11. JohnnFour

    Foundry VTT

    From RPT GM Nik L: Foundry VTT is a newer VTT currently in beta, but already outstripping all others in terms of features and performance. It's got an amazing open API that allows for powerful community-driven extension and system development, so it will be effectively as customizable as...
  12. JohnnFour

    Online Dice Rollers

    Online dice rollers list: https://rolz.org/ http://rolldicewithfriends.com/ http://a.teall.info/mdice/ http://unseenservant.com/ These should allow GM and player to see/share results. Also, for personal use: https://dice.campaign-logger.com/ https://www.google.com/search?q=dice+roller...
  13. JohnnFour

    Fate VTT

    From RPT GM Daniel D: Hello Johnn, There is a good dedicated VTT for Fate at http://fate.masac.cz.
  14. ELF

    Astral Tabletop

    A relatively new VTT contender, Astral Tabletop has now partnered with DriveThruRPG: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?6219-Astral-TableTop-Gets-Revamped
  15. ELF

    Foundry VTT

    This newcomer on the Virtual TableTop scene looks promising: http://foundryvtt.com/ This is a self-hosted system, so no subscriptions are needed. A demo is available.
  16. ELF

    Calamus - a shared virtual battle map

    Here’s an interesting idea - a shared virtual battle map that each player can interact with using their own device: http://www.trapstreetstudios.com/theCalamus/about/ [I moved this from the RPG Tools thread into a separate thread to make any future comments and updates easier.]