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Can't save any changes or Logout of CL

GM Rob

Gold WoA
I'm stuck in a loop here. I don't seem to be able to save anything in CL. Also, I can't logout successfully. The Campaign Identity site seems to log me out, but CL never responds. I've tried "Clear Cache and Reload All" with mixed results (sometimes I clears and never reloads, sometimes it reloads), "Logout and Clear Cache", "Logout", close browser, etc. Seems to affect Firefox and Chrome, although on Chrome I can't Login properly. The CI site logs me in, but Chrome takes me back to the CL Login screen.

Any ideas on what to try?


I too am experiencing this in CL. It will save changes to the settings, such as show/hide tag characters or font changes. Editing seems to work properly but no new logs created when you click "Log This". I have tried to logout also, to no avail.


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A couple of other users are reporting the same problem, so I suspect this is system-based and not local to your machine or network. @JochenL will be looking into this asap.


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I think I'm in a similar situation. I cannot login. When I click login, it says "Logging in" and then reloads to the same page without ever logging me in or moving me to the actual app. I'm guessing it is the same issue preventing saves and logouts.