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Page nav tweak


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Love the new dropdown to toggle between Pages and Logs @JochenL.

I think we should tweak it so the Pages option is duplicated under the dropdown. I believe the common UI is the link with down arrow is a parent element. If it's clickable, it takes you to a page where you'll see the options also presented in the dropdown.

The proposed tweak is to put the same link in the dropdown so it doesn't appear as if there's only one choice.

In my example here, it could be construed that the Pages dropdown is just a parent for the options, and the only option is Logs:


Now, the "parent" menu item of Pages does link to a page with all options:


So I propose that we add Labels and Players to the dropdown as well.

To summarize, the change I'm asking for is add links to all four areas in the dropdown: Logs, Pages, Labels, Players.