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My name is Jochen and I am living in Dortmund, Germany.

Currently, I GM Splittermond and Dungeon Fantasy. In general, I am GMing GURPS, Fate, Pathfinder, and Splittermond. I have been in the GM seat since about the end of the eighties. I started my "career" with the German "The Dark Eye" followed by Traveller, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, AD&D, and WoD. Traveller led me to GURPS, AD&D to D&D3.5 and finally Pathfinder, my desire for more story in the game hooked me up on Fate.

My favorite is the D20, followed by the good old D6. (...and my inner Ninja is favoring the D4...)

Ah, and I am the developer of Campaign Logger, your forum admin and support person.

Best regards,
July 16
Dortmund, Germany


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