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Stephan Hornick

I am getting 42 this year (2021). I live in Germany, and I am also German. I have played and GMed RPGs now for about 26 years, mostly as the storyteller. I began with D&D, later AD&D, MERS, Runequest, Rolemaster, Hârnmaster, Midgard, Vampire, Werwolf, Magic, Changeling (and all those other WoD games), Starwars (old and new), Cyberpunk, Cthulhu, PP&P, the Dark Eye, and Shadowrun.
For the last couple of years though, I have only run campaigns in the world of Shadowrun. I love GMing as much as playing a PC. I am still way off to be called a "Great GM", but I like to level up to some day reach this level.

Complete Introduction:

TTRPG preferences:

Complete TTRPG history:

Systems I can GM and my bucket list of systems I want to try:

How I organize myself for GMing:

My views on VTT gaming:

My views on maps:

How I use VTTs beyond Battlemaps:

On how I create likeable NPCs:

On GM tactics and stratagems to challenge players and PCs:

On the emotioal rollercoaster in 5-Room-Dungeons:

My favorite monsters:

On Tone, Mood, Razor, Genres, Themes, and Resonance:
Nov 5, 1979 (Age: 44)
Freiburg, Germany


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