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data loss

  1. JohnnFour

    My [XYZ] has disappeared

    Campaign Logger works by downloading as much of your data and app features code into your browser as possible so you have the fastest possible experience with your campaign data. The payload is usually under a few megabytes. The first time you log into Campaign Logger, please give the app a...
  2. L

    Before I, Hopefully Temporarily, Go...

    ... does anyone have any "best practices" against losing data/entries/info, applicable to CL? I really like this product, but I just can't bring myself to using it if I think my material is going to join lost socks. It doesn't have to be CL specific; it just has to apply to prevention of...
  3. L

    Not Again, and Not Cool

    Just lost two entire Logs, one containing significant amounts of data; I've been here before, with other products, and here I am again. If you can't RELY on a thing, then it's worse than useless. Dag nabbit.