Before I, Hopefully Temporarily, Go...

... does anyone have any "best practices" against losing data/entries/info, applicable to CL?

I really like this product, but I just can't bring myself to using it if I think my material is going to join lost socks.

It doesn't have to be CL specific; it just has to apply to prevention of losing data here, without being more trouble than it's worth.

Thanks, either way.


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Nothing fancy, but I have made it a habit to download any edited log as as JSON file after I am finished with it for the day.

I save the JSON file to Dropbox, so I can easily access it from other devices as well. This also allows me to access a fresh version of the log even if I am not continuously online.


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Hey @Layman Meringue can you clarify what you mean by log lists?

To confirm, ordering log entries on your screen is session-based, meaning when you close the Campaign Log for any reason (close browser, session timeout, etc.) log entries will revert to timestamp order. That's not what you're speaking of, is it?
Nope, not at all. I mean if the list of all distinct logs; for example, you suggested having one each for planning, and for play.

ergo "log list".