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  1. P

    [vNext][Log entry] Title field

    Hi all, I cannot figure out the purpose of the Title field in a log entry since it looks like that no tag works there neither you can search words... Someone could shed some light on it please? Thank you in advance for your kind help Happy logging!
  2. Kza

    I Need Some Help With My Current Adventure

    First, I hope this post is in the right section. Mods, please move it if it isn't! Second, to get to my point of difficulty, I'm going to need to set up a lot of context. Listening to other people's campaigns can be like listening to other people's dreams -- a real drag -- so I promise to keep...
  3. ungooglable

    Social friction against a 'reptilod'

    Forgotten Realms One of PCs is Dragonborn. It was more or less OK in the wilds, but now they entered a big civilized city, Berdusk Locals should react in some way. Again there is a such thing as a city alignment in Forgotten Realms. And it's chaotic good for gods' sake What would be some...