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  1. Frost Birch

    Question: How Can One Identify One Specific Post?

    Is there an ID tag for each log post? I am trying to add a tag referring back to one specific post. If I use that tag more than once it brings back all the posts with that tag. Does each post have a unique identifying tag?
  2. magian

    URL Links not working for me

    I am following the cheatsheet, but the hyperlinking isn't working. Named link {"https://example.com"|Site} Unnamed link {"https://example.com/"|} Any recommendations?
  3. DM Mark

    Unique Link and Tag Problems - Procedural or Bug?

    Hi All This is my first post. I am not sure if this is an error in my procedure or a bug... When you make a tag referenced, it said on the RoleplayingTips site that it gives a unique link for the tag so if you want to directly link to is in another application you can... however i am not...