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  1. L

    Shared Logs

    Is it currently possible to have a single shared campaign log where all players can create new entries, as well as see entries from other players? I'm thinking of a variation of a West Marches style campaign, and using the campaign logger to keep track of some of the campaign details as a gm...
  2. JochenL

    CL vNext - Deletion of a Campaign - Behavior Poll

    Currently, I have a bug where "phantom" logs are left when a campaign is deleted. Repro Steps Create a Campaign Create a Log Create another Log Delete a Log Delete the Campaign Look at /logs (change the URL manually) -> one of the logs might be stranded here The Steps are reproducible every...
  3. Frost Birch

    Question: How Can One Identify One Specific Post?

    Is there an ID tag for each log post? I am trying to add a tag referring back to one specific post. If I use that tag more than once it brings back all the posts with that tag. Does each post have a unique identifying tag?
  4. B

    Question: Can Generator pull from logger's tags?

    i just wondered, is it possible to point the generator to a tag table in our logs and pull a random entry from @ or § ? with all the data we already dump into the logs, not only could we save time but we could mine our own logs for data and get some totally random relations all of a sudden.
  5. G

    Share Example Log

    I'd like to see a real log setup by John F so we can see how he sets his up!
  6. M

    Find & Replace

    Is there a way to find & replace across various entries within a log. Eg. if I change a characters name or there's a common word I've used & wish to replace it with a tag?
  7. JohnnFour

    Download Log Entries from Streams

    Campaign Logger GMs now have a great way to share creations with fellow Loggers. When you create a Stream from a Campaign Log and share it out, visitors to your stream can now download Log Entries as JSON files that can be imported into a Campaign Log. For example, here's a standard stream i...
  8. R

    How to un-share a log entry?

    Hello, I just discovered the "share entry" feature and shared something. Now I wonder how I can undo the sharing? Thanks for the great application! greetings from Germany ronald
  9. L

    Unable to sorting log entries

    Hi, I'm unable to sort the log entries, I click on Move to Up and Move to Down and nothing happens. Only the Move to Down works. Maybe I'm missing something? I've only 4 entries, do I need more of them?
  10. magian

    URL Links not working for me

    I am following the cheatsheet, but the hyperlinking isn't working. Named link {"https://example.com"|Site} Unnamed link {"https://example.com/"|} Any recommendations?
  11. P

    Feature to share logs with (unpaid) players?

    Hi gents, I seem to recall reading somewhere that there were plans to update Campaign Logger to allow for us GMs to share logs with players (unpaid users) - is that still in the works? I've been a player in a game for a while but it will be my turn back in the GM chair soon, so I've been...
  12. magian

    Is there a hard limit to an entry's length?

    I added about 2500 characters to an entry and found that after adding about seven or so tags to the long entry, I could not add any more. Is there a limit?
  13. Rardian

    Visualize Relations

    Ever wanted to see who bonded with whom? Who are the outsiders in your campaign? Who are the key persons? I started experimenting with a visualization of character relations. You can find the current result here: https://minor-level-7863.roast.io/ (it's free hosting, so no guarantees for...
  14. JohnnFour

    Looking for a great open source short fantasy adventure

    I am thinking of porting over a short adventure over to Campaign Logger as a demo file for the app for new users. Do you know of any short fantasy open source adventures out there?
  15. jleewatts

    Fighting with myself on style - Top down or Bottom Up?

    I am trying to organize my next campaign which I will be running in Eberron. I am trying to get all of the place names, wards, districts, etc. for Sharn into CL. But I am fighting myself in how to do it. Looking at the City of Towers book, it seems so well organized, starting with one district...
  16. S

    CL And Google Keep - A Match

    Hey, I've had CL for over a year (I think) and I couldn't figure out how to work it, but finally the Loopy Session Planning got through my brain. I'm making buckets and such. One thing I wanted was to put my PC's character sheet stats on CL but the word count is only 300-400 words (I'm running...
  17. JohnnFour

    Allow multiple generator results in Log Entry without closing generator

    I was generating a bunch of orc names. I mean, who doesn't do that on a Friday night, right? The userflow was to click the generator link Use Name. That added the result automatically to the Log Entry. Then the generator closed. I needed to click on the generator each time to build my list...
  18. Hannu

    Examples of logger usage

    This thread is for giving examples of what your logger usage. This is to breed understanding and joy on what is possible with Campaign Logger and its generators.