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  1. ELF

    Game Master Engine

    Game Master Engine a mapping tool with some impressive 3D visuals: https://www.gamemasterengine.com/ GME is coming to Steam in March: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1451680/Game_Master_Engine/ An early access version is available at Itch.io: https://danthedm.itch.io/game-master-engine-pro...
  2. ELF


    The Unity-based Wildshape mapping software is currently in alpha, and downloadable for a Pay What You Want price for Windows, Linux and Mac: https://dldev.itch.io/wildshape See their Patreon for more information: https://www.patreon.com/Wildshape
  3. JohnnFour

    Very cool mapper in development

  4. ELF

    DnD Map Sketcher

    Dnd Map Sketcher is a a new online mapping tool for drawing isometric dungeon maps in the browser. Players can connect to the same session, seeing what the GM sees. https://danifm.itch.io/dnd-map-sketcher The tool is still heavily in development, but has already managed to bring something new...
  5. ELF

    Dungeon Map Doodler

    Quite like Dungeon Scrawl, Dungeon Map Doodler allows to draw dungeon maps directly in the browser. Also available are some art assets for furnishing the dungeon. https://dungeonmapdoodler.com/
  6. ELF

    Dungeon Scrawl

    Dungeon Scrawl is a neat, browser based dungeon map editor that produces maps with Dyson Logos style hatching: https://dungeonscrawl.com/
  7. JohnnFour

    Crafty Dice Online Mapper

    An interesting approach for building an online mapper: https://rollinitiative.netlify.com/home
  8. ELF

    RPG Map Editor 2

    This mapping software is available as a PWYW download as well as a browser app: https://deepnight.itch.io/tabletop-rpg-map-editor The licensing terms are generous as well: I haven't yet put this tool to the test, but at least the sample maps look quite classy: There is also one unique feature:
  9. ELF

    Illwinter’s Floorplan Generator

    This week’s deal on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/630900/Illwinters_Floorplan_Generator/ ASCII import is certainly an innovative feature. (Hmm, would it work with NetHack?...)
  10. ELF


    Worldspinner looks like a promising automatic tool for generating new worlds from scratch: https://ui2.worldspinner.com/
  11. JohnnFour


    Very nice: http://hextml.playest.net/ An online map creator.
  12. JohnnFour

    Random World Map Generator

  13. JohnnFour

    Free Map Icons

    Looks like a cool pool of markers and icons for your maps: https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com/
  14. CoryG

    The Demonplague!

    I just received my hot-of-the-presses copy of The Demonplague yesterday. It's awesome! I've been boasting to all of my buddies about how cool it is and showing them how efficient Johnn's character/plot driven campaign planning approach is. It's something I'm trying to do with my current Rise...
  15. ELF

    GM tip: flowchart mapping

    flowchart mapping An old post in the Neuronphase blog presents a simple but effective mapping tip: instead of a presentation of the physical space, one can use flowchart maps: http://www.neuronphaser.com/fantasy-rpg-flowchart-mapping/ [Edit: Originally my idea was to create a single thread...