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DnD Map Sketcher


Generator Sage
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Dnd Map Sketcher is a a new online mapping tool for drawing isometric dungeon maps in the browser. Players can connect to the same session, seeing what the GM sees.
D&D Map Sketcher is a tool for playing tabletop RPGs online where the DM can easily draw maps while playing.

The project is being developed by Daniel F. Marqués (@daniFMdev). Right now it only has the minimum features to be able to show its potential. You are invited to tell your friends and try it out. In its current state, it should be able to hold your session's dungeon exploration and combat. I recommend using Discord for voice, text chat and dice rolling (through bots) until those are added in future versions.

The tool is still heavily in development, but has already managed to bring something new to the crowded VTT tool market.