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  1. JohnnFour

    Looking for Google Sheet export to Markdown

    Has anyone found a tool, script, or service that will take each row of a Google sheet and export as Markdown?
  2. JohnnFour

    How to convert markdown to CL format?

    Any suggestions on the easiest way to convert content in markdown to CL format? I wonder if there is an online tool or app that can record a sequence of search/replace transformations, for example. For example: ___ > ## Gladstone >*Aarakocra(Male), High Mage/ Sage* > ___ > - **Age** 194...
  3. JochenL

    Beta: Markdown and Form Code

    I have been working on two new features recently: Markdown & Form Code. These features are in Beta stage, please use carefully and only on non-critical log entries! Markdown To activate markdown for an entry, start the entry with ?MD and use the CommonMark markdown syntax...
  4. Wolf

    Markdown support in this forum?

    It would be great if I could just write some Markdown for forum posts. I've found this add-on which seems to offer that, it's unmaintained though. On the other hand, it's just Markdown so I would assume it "just works". What do you think?