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  1. JohnnFour

    What's your ideal number of sessions per adventure?

    When it comes to pacing out your Campaign Plotline, you can get a rough estimate by how long it takes you to complete adventures. If you run episodic then you could fit dozens of adventures into a real world year. If you're like me and take about 3-4 sessions per adventure, and you play...
  2. JochenL

    CL vNext - Deletion of a Campaign - Behavior Poll

    Currently, I have a bug where "phantom" logs are left when a campaign is deleted. Repro Steps Create a Campaign Create a Log Create another Log Delete a Log Delete the Campaign Look at /logs (change the URL manually) -> one of the logs might be stranded here The Steps are reproducible every...
  3. JohnnFour

    How long do your sessions usually last?

    I used to run regular weekend marathon sessions. Alas, real life and age cap my sessions. Oddly, I prefer 3 hours now. But I GM longer to make it worth it for my players who need to block off their schedules, break away from family, and sometimes have to commute quite a distance. My Terror in...