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What's your ideal number of sessions per adventure?

How many sessions do you like your adventures to last?

  • 1 - One-shots, 5 Room Dungeon, and Episodic adventures are perfect for me

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When it comes to pacing out your Campaign Plotline, you can get a rough estimate by how long it takes you to complete adventures.

If you run episodic then you could fit dozens of adventures into a real world year. If you're like me and take about 3-4 sessions per adventure, and you play monthly, it could take years to finish a complete multi-adventure campaign.
As I selected the less useful (?) other I'd best comment! I've been fortunate enough to run mostly long haul games, current Monday game is close to 40 sessions, my 2 year campaign is on hiatus thanks to the Covid. I've been rolling each session into the next with something akin to loopy planning so things tend to blur into one as opposed to running a series of specific adventures. Definitely more open world with factions and plots ongoing. I have enjoyed one shots and convention games but that's different to the usual weekly games I tend to run. For me I suppose the answer is as long as it takes before the PC actions take us somewhere new.
I don't have a 'preferred'. In the past I've played a bit of DDAL so there's that. Recently completed a module in 20 mostly weekly sessions. I could have dragged it out but one of the players was moving overseas. I'm planning a campaign that will be a little bit Deltora Quest style - 7 items to beat the BBEG, so I expect that to go a lot longer. Also a new system (using Genesys), so we'll see if that impacts it.