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  1. asellitt

    Campaign Logger feature roadmap?

    Reading through these forums, I can see references to many new features that (i'm assuming) are in development: - "Totally new version" (https://campaign-community.com/index.php?threads/campaign-logger-seems-slow-on-mobile.593/post-3628) - Core Entries...
  2. JochenL

    What Next?

    We want to invite you to vote for the next steps we will take! Option 1: Mobile Apps Currently the mobile apps are not available in the app stores as they need an overhaul to comply with GDPR guidelines. Besides that they are a good chunk of features behind the web app. Voting for this option...
  3. J

    Stuff for other devices.

    When will all the goodies that are on the web version become available for other devices, like tablets etc. ?
  4. jay_rab

    Next news thread? Status of apps vs web, whats on the horizon?

    Hey really interested now in what the future holds, I think the new forums have got me back into campaign logger, would love to see a news post about where we are with everything, whats recently been added and whats coming up and what the future holds, hopefully this forum will make for better...