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  1. beerwithdragons

    House Rules:

    What House Rules make gaming at your table or online easier? Any system. Thoughts?
  2. Cryptocartographer

    Wizard Spellcasting Reference 5e

    I wanted to really break down the spellcasting process for some new players. I started with wizards, as they are probably the most complex casters with the most misunderstood abilities and limitations. The result was this flow chart and lexicon, available as a PDF here...
  3. ELF

    Printable assets

    Deck of Many Things Here's Vesskel's nicely designed, printable Deck of Many Things if you are inclined to insert some creative chaos into your D&D campaign: Original Reddit post:
  4. R

    Any non-Fantasy games going on?

    I realize that there is an overwhelming leaning toward fantasy genre games, but I actually prefer non-fantasy since it actually adds a "freshness" to the gaming sessions. If anyone playing/running non-fantasy games? What system are you using? Are you using Campaign Logger? Has it been easy to...
  5. Cryptocartographer

    5e Introductory Player Reference Sheet

    5th Edition Reference Sheet (PDF): https://www.jayrobinson.net/free-stuff I'm starting some brand-new players this weekend, and I decided to develop a cheat sheet for them. There are a million of these things out there, but I designed mine to: 1. be friendly-looking, including original art 2...
  6. Hannu

    Mythras (the game system formerly known as Runequest 6) thread

    If you feel the need to ask Mythras questions - here is one place for it. I have created a large variety of generators for Campaign Logger for Mythras. At the moment many of them use commercial material so I can use them only for myself. Hoping to be able to get permission to release some of...
  7. ELF

    Pathfinder 2

    Apparently Paizo has just released some kind of a Patience variant. Gameplay seems to consist of watching a ”loading” symbol that hopefully will drop loot at some point. http://paizo.com/pathfinderplaytest
  8. JochenL

    What are you playing (currently)?

    As GM: * Mindjammer * Pathfinder (Darkmoon Vale) * Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Dungeon World-inspired) As Player: * Mindjammer * D&D5