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running the game

  1. Barbarulo

    Managing the game at the Table

    I've recently switched from D&D to the Genesys system for running a home-brew campaign. I used D&D Beyond for that system and it was pretty smooth to run on my laptop, but I mostly ran published campaigns. Genesys is all PDFs and I'm finding it really unwieldy (given I'm new and have to do a...
  2. ErikaHLX

    Gaming in different languages

    Tim, I'm curious, do you game in Mandarin? (I'm also generally interested in any other languages people are running game in!) I'm considering D&D as a topic for Mandarin conversation group--maybe even a one-shot immersion. I wonder if there are any recommended resources!
  3. BenS

    How to reward players

    One of my biggest weaknesses as a GM is my lack of proper preparation and focus when it comes to rewarding my players for a completed adventure or campaign. To play the campaign I prefer intrinsic motivation of the players/characters and as a GM, I am quite content if a story was fun, the climax...
  4. JohnnFour

    How long do your sessions usually last?

    I used to run regular weekend marathon sessions. Alas, real life and age cap my sessions. Oddly, I prefer 3 hours now. But I GM longer to make it worth it for my players who need to block off their schedules, break away from family, and sometimes have to commute quite a distance. My Terror in...