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Managing the game at the Table


Wizard of Adventure
I've recently switched from D&D to the Genesys system for running a home-brew campaign. I used D&D Beyond for that system and it was pretty smooth to run on my laptop, but I mostly ran published campaigns. Genesys is all PDFs and I'm finding it really unwieldy (given I'm new and have to do a little bit of rules lookup). Also, the Genesys dice are symbolic rather than numerical (like FFG's Star Wars RPG) and it's not easy putting NPC stats into Campaign Logger. We also have one remote player and do dice rolling in Discord.

My set up has been: Campaign Logger for the story, Discord for dice rolls, PDF/Word documents for NPC stats, PDFs for reference stuff, and notepaper for tracking combat!

I want to simplify and I'm inclined to go more paper based (much as I like my gadgets) but that sounds like a lot of paper and ink.

I do have physical core rules books coming, and trust the guy playing remotely so could just rely on him to give me the results, and use physical dice, I guess. But there's still a lot of juggling screens.

I'm wondering what do you all do to manage your game at the table!?


New member
Hi Barbarulo,

Did you have a look on miro (https://miro.com/) ? It's like a giant desk where you can put and share almost everything (pdfs, images, notes, hand sketches, relation maps, ...). It's free with some limitations.
I'm not playing these days, but I had used CL for mj-only prep and notes, discord for dices and music background, miro for everything else :)