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tabletop gaming

  1. beerwithdragons

    House Rules:

    What House Rules make gaming at your table or online easier? Any system. Thoughts?
  2. R

    Any non-Fantasy games going on?

    I realize that there is an overwhelming leaning toward fantasy genre games, but I actually prefer non-fantasy since it actually adds a "freshness" to the gaming sessions. If anyone playing/running non-fantasy games? What system are you using? Are you using Campaign Logger? Has it been easy to...
  3. beerwithdragons


    What tools do you use to keep Hexcrawling simple, fast, and fun? This post can be about: Rulesets, Homebrew, Map generators, Hex index descriptions, How you play, How you stay organised, Megadungeons, Megahexes, West Marches, Etc. Thanks!
  4. beerwithdragons

    @JohnFour Game of Thrones NPC Introduction Method

    @JohnnFour, I just read today's RPT'S. Can you expand your GOT method? Quote: I believe it's a best practice to introduce at least one new NPC every session as per my Game of Thrones method. As your Cast of Characters fills out so does your GM Toolbox. - @JohnnFour Thanks in advance!
  5. Hannu

    Mythras (the game system formerly known as Runequest 6) thread

    If you feel the need to ask Mythras questions - here is one place for it. I have created a large variety of generators for Campaign Logger for Mythras. At the moment many of them use commercial material so I can use them only for myself. Hoping to be able to get permission to release some of...
  6. ELF

    Pathfinder 2

    Apparently Paizo has just released some kind of a Patience variant. Gameplay seems to consist of watching a ”loading” symbol that hopefully will drop loot at some point. http://paizo.com/pathfinderplaytest
  7. JochenL

    What are you playing (currently)?

    As GM: * Mindjammer * Pathfinder (Darkmoon Vale) * Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Dungeon World-inspired) As Player: * Mindjammer * D&D5