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  1. JohnnFour

    Online Gaming Tips

    From RPT GM Joe: Hey Johnn, I ran a weekly Star Wars game online for almost 5 years and learned a lot. Last week I had to transition my in person game to virtual. Like you, I wanted something simple (also needed to be cheap). When I really thought about it, I wanted to be able to show the...
  2. ELF

    Reading List

    Maybe a thread for interesting reading material would be useful? James D'Amato: Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide Not that much info is yet available on this upcoming book, but the blurb does seem promising: https://smile.amazon.com/Ultimate-RPG-Gameplay-Guide-Role-Play-ebook/dp/B07P5J5YLL/
  3. jleewatts

    Fighting with myself on style - Top down or Bottom Up?

    I am trying to organize my next campaign which I will be running in Eberron. I am trying to get all of the place names, wards, districts, etc. for Sharn into CL. But I am fighting myself in how to do it. Looking at the City of Towers book, it seems so well organized, starting with one district...
  4. Hannu

    Siblings and other dual numbers

    Let's imagine that I have something like this - will share full version of that soon as Mythras initiated generator { "name": "Siblings", "entries": [ { "m": 10, "v": "None" }, { "m": 20, "v": "{dice:1d4} siblings"...
  5. DM Mark

    Way to update multiple records at once?

    If at some point I make a mistake or want to change or update something in several records is there a way to do this where I only have to change it once but update everywhere? Thanks!
  6. ELF

    GM tip: flowchart mapping

    flowchart mapping An old post in the Neuronphase blog presents a simple but effective mapping tip: instead of a presentation of the physical space, one can use flowchart maps: http://www.neuronphaser.com/fantasy-rpg-flowchart-mapping/ [Edit: Originally my idea was to create a single thread...
  7. S

    CL And Google Keep - A Match

    Hey, I've had CL for over a year (I think) and I couldn't figure out how to work it, but finally the Loopy Session Planning got through my brain. I'm making buckets and such. One thing I wanted was to put my PC's character sheet stats on CL but the word count is only 300-400 words (I'm running...
  8. JohnnFour

    Tip: Watch sub-forums to get alerts of new activity

    FYI, there's a Watch button top-right of each sub-forum. Click that to get and customize notifications of forum activity. It is sometimes easier to get alerts to keep track of new threads and such. Example: https://cl.ly/2p3W3R0u0K1Z