How to escape tags?


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I sometimes need to type things like +1d4 into the logs, but I noticed it treats it as a keyword in the pluses category, which means it generates an undesired tag, as well as hiding the + symbol (I have the options to hide tag symbols in logs enabled, I find it easier to read that way).
I checked the cheat sheet, but I couldn't find a way to escape the plus to prevent a tag from being created.


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Hi Monsen.

You can escape tags with double quotes around the word or phrase.

For example: @Johnn takes "+1d4" damage from bad puns.


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Thanks. This doesn't properly escape them though, as doing this leaves the quotes hanging around in the log instead. (Quotes do impart a change in the meaning of the text after all)
It is also a bit limited, if I try to escape the entire value (in this case "+3/+3 +1d4") which looks a bit better than just grabbing the +1d4, then the escaping fails and the 1d4 is treated as a tag again.

Would be great if you could prefix the tag with an escape character (like the commonly used backslash - \) that wouldn't show up when viewing the entry.
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