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In-game Music Recommendations


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I'm a HUGE fan of using evocative music in my games, and my players really respond in kind.
I consistently get 'that was a great game' comments after every game that I play suitable music and as an experiment I've run a few sessions where I don't play music and I find the level of 'wow' in my players is significantly diminished.
I also find that it gets me into the role of storyteller, using music to set and hold the tone and atmosphere when words can only hint at this.

So, here I hope to start a thread of recommendations for excellent dark ambient- and cinematic-style music to use in your games to ensure everyone not only has more fun but gets more 'wow' from every game!

Top artists (and notable albums):

Crypt of Insomnia
- Gothic Romanticism
- Mysterious Orchestral
- Atmos
- Phobos
- Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller
- Atmospheric Ambient Choir
- Replicants
- Minimalist Chamber Strings
- Vikings — Dramatic and Atmospheric
- Epic Orchestra

Trial of the Bow
- Rite of Passage (available on mp3va)

Robert Rich
- Stalker (available from www.robertrich.com)

- Heresy

Shinjuku Thief
- The Witch Hammer
- The Witch Hunter

Michael Damon
- The Pyramid Code OST

Michael Stearns
- Samsara OST
- The Lost World

Yen Pox
- Blood Music


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I'm always looking for great gaming music. I don't use Spotify, so this is grea, thanks @Gerald.Lock.

An RPT GM who's run me through Savage Worlds Last Parsec a few times streams his tunes and sounds to us via https://www.syrinscape.com/online/


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I've had some success using sync-tube.de along with a Youtube playlist of D&D-relevant tracks to ensure all my players can remotely hear the same music at the same time.

It's not perfect, since breaks between tracks are not blended, so there are some verisimilitude-breaking cuts, and you're completely reliant on the tracks available from Youtube (so you can't layer additional ambient sounds over the top of a track), but it's free and easy to use, so I like it!


Wizard of Adventure
I've tried a few including playlists and settled on this (I use the iOS version):

It's really easy to manage during the game, which is essential for me, but also very flexible. It's generative so you can just leave a theme going, but you can also easily customise a theme. I had a player death and just played the music from the Siren's Song and the players loved it.