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Rickster, from Mississauga, Ontario. I've been gaming off and on since about 1982: D&D, Traveller, GURPS, FUDGE...but my favourite is RuneQuest 3e. I have GM'd in Glorantha, the original setting, and in Fantasy Europe, as well as a homebrew campaign.
As for my favourite die, I believe I'd pick the ubiquitous D20. It's one-half of the all-important D100, and in RuneQuest it's used to roll on the Hit Location table: every blow lands *somewhere*...

Derric Munns

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Howdy all - I got into Campaign Logger long ago, then stopped running games for a long time... But now I'm back and lost as a new born - so lots to try and learn. Been running games off and on since 1990's - mostly D&D. I currently live in Virginia. I guess if I had to pick a die - it would be the percentile 2d10, or just the d10 if only one was allowed :)
Welcome! Do you usually run campaigns (any length) or one-off games?


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Hi all! I'm from Zwolle, The Netherlands. I've been playing since forever, been DM'ing for years as well. Currently running a long campaign in the Forgotten Realms for a roleplaying group with 3 first timers. Favourite die has to be D12 because Barbarian is the best class ever.