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Invitation: Campaign Logger Demo Sep 8


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Jochen is hosting a Campaign Logger 101 Demo Friday, September 8, 8am EST. (Time Zone Converter.)

Learn how to set up Campaign Logger for your GMing.

This demo will be lead by the app's developer, Jochen. And he'll be happy to answer any questions you have as well.

Here is the Teams link: Click here to join the meeting

  • Introduction
    • Hello and Welcome to Campaign Logger
  • Campaign creation
    • Setting up a campaign in CL
  • Session Log creation
    • Executing the current session
    • Taking session notes
  • Summary Log creation
    • Publishing a summary of last session
  • Page creation
    • Evaluating the last session
    • Preparing the next session
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We will start a Campaign and Log a Session 0.

In the screen-sharing, you will see the GM's perspective.

If you want to follow along from a Player's perspective, too, please send me a Private Message with your e-mail address, so I can add you as a Player.

At the start of the workshop, please be logged in to the Preview version of Campaign Logger: https://preview.app.campaign-logger.com/