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Markup for Resize of Images attached


New member
Is there currently codes for altering the size displayed of the image attached? like a 50%, or width=200; height=300 ??
Please let me know.
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For sure!

Image scaling is handled by using one of the following syntaxes:

scaling width![Alt Text](https://example.com/path/to/image "Title" =100x)
scaling height![Alt Text](https://example.com/path/to/image "Title" =x100)
scaling both![Alt Text](https://example.com/path/to/image "Title" =100x100)

Having said that...

I just tried it out and it appears that really only the width scaling is effective. The height scaling is currently ignored due to a stylesheet setting. (img height: auto). @JochenL is this something we can easily adjust?

@JohnnFour I don't have access to update the cheat sheet with the image scaling syntax above. Is this something you can do?