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Hi all,
I run a campaign in Ars Magica RPG and I have to run the periodic tribunal to be held every 7 years. We are located in Venice, 1198 A.D.

I'm a bit lost and looking for inspiration and ideas, so forgive my unclearness and confusion in exposing it.

I'm looking for ideas about cases to be discussed and voted during such a tribunal.

Another idea which I'm pondering over is a "game" where every player represent a Magi faction/covenant and he has to achieve some objectives (which ones? ideas?) during the tribunal.
This will translate in some personal and shared advantages (vis, magical objects, books, spells, relationship, etc) at the end of such a "game" to be used in our "regular" rpg game.
But I don't figure it out yet how to implement it...

Has anybody already run such a thing? Can he share his experience?
Maybe someone knows some boardgame where I can get inspiration/mechanic to be reused?

Thank you everybody for any help


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A rambling video response:

Tribunal | Peter
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