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Why Use Campaign Logger?


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Campaign Logger is a modern web-app that helps you:
  • Take Swift Notes: Log session insights in seconds, never miss a beat!
  • Build the Ultimate Campaign Codex: Consolidate your world, campaigns, and sessions. Your epic Source of Truth.
  • Streamline your GMing: Structure your adventures. Every detail, one click away.
Think of it as a Wiki meets Twitter. A wiki is a free-form way to create oodles of long-form content, perfect for your world bible and adventure building. Twitter offers a fast way to log sessions so you don't forget anything, jot down ideas before you forget them, and make short prep notes like reminders and To Dos.

Get Campaign Logger free here.

Automagic Tagging
Jochen and I invented auto-tagging and Campaign Logger still has the best implementation of that for your lightning-fast logging and writing.

Auto-tagging is like how you'd @mention someone on social media. @JohnnFour instantly creates placeholder page. At the same time, it instantly links to that page. Finally, at the same time it instantly connects to all other @JohnnFour references in your campaign.

Normally, you'd have to stop writing (and possibly losing your train of thought in the process), create a new page, return to what you were doing, select the add link command, find the page you just created, and select it. But in Campaign Logger, you use one of 10 symbols to do all of that instantly.

Why 10 symbols? Each represents a specific type of information. For example:
  • @ for NPCs
  • * for encounters, adventures, and plots
  • # for world details and locations
  • $ for treasure
You simply type the character and that automagically buckets your information into a category, like chapters in the ultimate campaign book. This helps you link, sort, and find your world, campaign, and session details without a lot of clicking, crawling through complex fields, or diving through nested screens three layers deep.

As you start typing a tag, Campaign Logger offers you several suggestions that contain the letters you're typing. This gives us two benefits:
  • No more spelling errors! Each time we misspell something in other apps we foil search, create forked pages/links, and add entropy to our organization.
  • Faster typing. Especially for session note-taking. Just hit tab to complete the text entry and you're done.
For example, if I started typing @Jo in Campaign Logger, it would offer me @JohnnFour and @JochenLinnemsann. I tab over @JohnnFour and the app completes the full text of @JohnnFour for me.

Customizable Generators & Templates
Lots of apps nowadays seems to offer randomized entries. Our Campaign Generators service allows you to use a bunch of generators we've created for you, like names, plot hooks, rumors, and so on.

However, you can go a step further and modify our generators or create your own from scratch. You can use these for many cool GMs purposes, such as:
  • Dynamic World Building: Generate intricate worlds, complete with regions, climates, cultures, and more. Instead of building from scratch, GMs can tweak pre-built templates to save time and get inspiration.

  • Random Encounter Tables: Craft unique random encounter tables tailored to the party's current location or level. Whether they're in a haunted forest or bustling city, keep encounters fresh and unexpected.

  • NPC Creation: Instantly create diverse NPCs, each with their own backgrounds, motivations, and quirks. This can make towns and cities feel alive and populated with memorable characters.

  • Loot & Treasure Generators: Design treasure hoards, magic items, or mundane loot based on the party's current challenge rating or the difficulty of the dungeon they're exploring.

  • Dynamic Plot Twists: Generate unexpected plot twists or side quests when players take the story in unforeseen directions, ensuring the narrative remains engaging and non-linear.

Chat-GPT AI Integration
We affectionately call our AI Zorgon. He's friendly curious, and very helpful.

Use Zorgon right inside Campaign Logger for new ideas, bouncing things off of, creating colorful NPCs, crafting devious plots, and anything else you need.

Zorgon remembers your conversations as well, so you don't have to start from scratch each time.

Speed Up Note-Taking & Create Your Ultimate Source of Truth
One of the biggest motivation, preparation, and GMing killers is having your information spread out all over. It sprawls into notebooks, your phone, your computer, on loose sheets of paper, and maybe even written on your hand. "Don't forget the Dire Milk!"

This means you can't find what you're looking for, when you need it the most.

Use Campaign Logger as your Source of Truth.

Add your ideas, world, campaign, adventures, encounters, locations, NPCs, treasure, and every detail you need for fun and efficient prep, and confident GMing.

Campaign Logger also gives you instant back-ups. It saves every character to our servers as you type. This means no back-up hassles or lost data.

In addition, you can download all your campaign information with a single click, as often as you like. You can choose JSON or plain text format, meaning your information is future-proofed because it's not trapped in some weird binary file or encrypted format you've lost the password for.

Campaign Logger has a gallery feature, so you can upload or paste in maps and images to enhance your campaigns and support your GMing.

Other Campaign Logger features include:
  • Labels: Tagging will automatically slice and dice your information like chapters in a book. In addition, you can use Labels to combine Pages from any categories into themed groups. For example, you could Label every encounter, NPC, location, and magic item in an adventure so they are all a quick click away.
  • Sort, Filter & Search: Instantly summon your plethora of campaign details with these three features. Save frequent searches to be even faster and more agile with your information.
  • With a paid subscription of just $5 a month, you get Unlimited Campaigns. Each Campaign gives you unlimited Logs and Pages. Logs are like Twitter entries and Pages are like wiki pages. And Pages can have up to 250,000 characters each - the length of a book. So you essential get infinite space for your information.
  • Share With Players: Invite up to 25 players to each Campaign. Every Page has a player section and a private, GM-only section. Use this feature to share campaign details, make handy player guides, share campaign newsletters and updates, run a quests board, and more.
  • Dice Roller: Use Campaign Logger's customizable dice roller and add results to your session notes. The dice roller support advantage, pools, FATE dice, and more.

Finally, you can use Campaign Logger free for life!

Get Campaign Logger here for free and start logging today.

You can finally be organized, efficient, and inspired to prep and run the best campaigns of your GMing career.
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