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Campaign Logger vNext Cheat Sheet

Campaign Logger vNext Cheat Sheet

Put multi-word tags in double quotes. For example: @"Johnn Four"
Remove punctuation from tags with double quotes. For example, Hi @"Johnn Four"!
Write shorter Log Entries to harness the power of tagging and filtering. Long text blocks make it harder to find stuff when you need it.
Use the copy feature to create stat blocks and other reusable chunks for faster prep.
Use your browser search function in combination with Logger's search/filter for even faster searches.
Evernote, MyInfo and other app users, paste in URLs to your notes for easy cross-referencing.

Characters, NPCs, named folk
Organizations, factions, groups
Locations, gazetteer, world building
Money, trades, transactions
Items, rewards, treasure
Calendar: mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd or dd.mm.yyyy
Plots, plans and ideas
Rules, house rules, references
Sections, parts
Pluses, magic items, artifacts
Minuses, problems
Open - use how you like

Search/Filter Bar
JohnnFourSearches and lists all Log Entries for the word JohnnFour
@JohnnFourFilters Log Entries that just have the @JohnnFour tag
Hello JohnnFourFilters Log Entries that have Hello OR JohnnFour in them
@JohnnFour #EdmontonLists Log Entries that have either tag present

Prefix & Suffix
PrefixPut text here that you want added to the front of each new Log Entry. For example, I add the session number: Session27.
SuffixAdd text here you want put at the end of each new Log Entry.

Heading top# Heading level 1
H Heading level 2## Heading level 2
H Heading level 3### Heading level 3
B Bold__Bold text__
I Italic_Italic text_
Bold & Italic___Bold and Italic text___
- Horizontal line---
List (bullet point)* Bullet
List (numbered)1. First item etc.
Table|| Table || Cell
Table with header| Head | Cell 1 | Cell 2
| ---: | :--- | :---:
| right-aligned | left-aligned | centered
Blockquote> Blockquote

Text Transformation
Capitalization{|THIS is an example|caps}
= This Is An Example
Lower case{|THIS is an example|lcase}
= this is an example
Sentence Case{|THIS is an example|scase}
= THIS is an example
Small Caps{|THIS is an example|scaps}
= THIS ɪs ᴀɴ ᴇxᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ
Title Case{|THIS is an example|tcase}
= This Is an Example
Upper Case{|THIS is an example|ucase}

Named link[This Site](https://example.com)

Inline image![Alt Text](https://example.com/image.png "Caption")
scaling width![Alt Text](https://example.com/image.png "Caption" =250x) => width of 250px
scaling height![Alt Text](https://example.com/image.png "Caption" =x250) => height of 250px
scaling both![Alt Text](https://example.com/image.png "Caption" =100x200) => w: 100px, h: 200px
Linked inline image[![Alt Text](https://example.com/image.png "Caption")](https://example.com)

Note: Please pay attention to the included spaces. While the caption can be omitted the alt text is mandatory.

Dice Roller Commands
1d20Roll 1 twenty-sided die
3d12+6Roll three twelve-siders and add 6
2d6-7Roll 2 six-sided dice and subtract 7
4dFRoll 4 FATE or Fudge dice
3d10*Roll 3 ten-sided dice and let each one explode (when it comes up at the highest possible value)
3H/4d6Roll 4 six-sided dice and pick the three highest results
4L/5d20Roll 5 twenty-sided dice and pick the four lowest results
1M/3d20Take the median dice out of 3 rolled dice
1d6 +
Roll a d6 and a d8 and add them up
1d6, 1d8, 1d20Roll a d6, a d8, and a d20, and show you each result
Roll one 20-sided die, add 5, and check if the result is at least 20
Roll three six-sided dice and check if the result is less than or equal to 12
4d6 [5+]Roll four six-sided dice and check each die if it resulted in 5 or more
Roll a “color” die (will always result in a zero and thereby won’t participate in success evaluation, options are delimited by | and may only consist of letters, digits, and blanks)


Form Codes
[ ]Empty checkbox
[x]Selected checkbox
[[]]Empty 1-line field
[[some text]]Filled 1-line field
[[[]]]Empty multi-line field
[[[multi-line text]]]Filled multi-line field
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