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The "World of Darkness" setting for various roleplaying systems (like Vampire the Masquerade).
Wizard of Adventure. @JohnnFour's reference to what he aspires to be as a game master and encourages other GMs to aspire to as well.
Tactical planning in combat based on the player's intellect and cooperation with the other players, not on the player character's point of view, scope of knowledge, or cooperation with the other characters.
Virtual Table Top - online TTRPG gaming facilitated by software such as FoundryVTT or Roll20.
A tabletop roleplaying game (for example D&D).
Total Party Kill. When the whole group of player characters perish, often resulting in the end of the adventure.
When chance pushes dice roll results to more extreme ends of the spectrum.
The Shadowrun roleplaying system.
A way of mapping out a sandbox without an artificial feeling of game balance.
The Story role, Lair, Actions framework for monster encounter design provided in the Adventure Building Master Game Plan.