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Handouts: Points of Interest

Handouts: Points of Interest 1.0

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Handouts: Points of Interest
How to Easily Create Handouts for your game's Points of Interest

Based on a tip by @Stephan Hornick, I wanted to create Handouts for Points of Interest in my West Marches-style Game. These handouts should be easy to digest and allow players to decide on the next mission to prepare in detail for the next session. The idea of creating collectible card game-style cards caught on with me. I searched the web for tools and found several:
I settled on RPG Cards as I liked the programming and the output. There are even tools that get you 5e data for use with RPG Cards, e.g., RPG Cards JSON Builder.

Attached you will find my build of RPG Cards. Download & unzip it. In the Generator folder, open index.html. I am distributing source and build following the MIT License. RPG Cards is Copyright (c) 2017 Robert Autenrieth. The included icons are distributed under the CC BY 3.0 license and are provided by https://game-icons.net/.

This is my cheat sheet for the available formatting commands:
subtitle | text
property | title left-aligned | details left-aligned | title right-aligned | details right-aligned
boxes | 10 (count of boxes) | 1.0 (size of box, 1.0 = size of "e")
description | title | text
dndstats | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10
text | text
center | text
justify | text
bullet | text
section | text
disabled | text
picture | https://example.com/image.jpg | 150 (desired height of picture in pixel)
icon | armor | 20 (size) | center (position)

You can find an example for my game here: https://heldenhaufen.de/Grenzland-Kampagne/Cards/Borderland-Locations.pdf

You can read my "musings" on starting such a game on RPT.com: https://www.roleplayingtips.com/adv...tarting-a-west-marches-campaign-step-by-step/.
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Nice! But Item Cards simply does nothing when i click on "get started"...or do i have to install an browser plugin? Is it working for you?
You are right, it seems to be broken. Maybe you want to inform the author of the app.
Great resources. Thank you Jochen.