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Settlement Calculator

Settlement Calculator 1.0

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Settlement Calculator
Putting detailed numbers to your Settlements

In preparation for my West Marches-style Campaign, I wanted to have numbers I can associate with settlements I define for the Borderland region.

A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe Third Edition is a great resource for this, with two shortcomings:
  1. It is based on D&D 3e and therefore references data not publically available (i.e., the DMG).
  2. It is a lot of work to gather up the number for each and every town anew.
For that reason, I created the Settlement Calculator that you can download as a ZIP file. Contained therein you will find an Excel file (XLSX without macros) with the calculator in English, German, and Finnish. It automates the calculation of average numbers for you. You can use it as a stepping stone towards your own customization for your campaign.
It also tries to map the used terms from the DMG to the Pathfinder References Document that is fully Open Game Content. Not everything was straightforward and you can follow part of my reasoning on the (Ref) sheet of the workbook.

Thanks again to @ELF for providing the Finnish translation.

Using the Calculator
Using the Calculator is easy: Just enter the number of adults in the settlement and you get the average numbers for it.

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