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campaign management

  1. ELF


    LoreMaster is a visual campaign management tool currently in development: https://www.loremaster.io/
  2. ELF

    Atlas Worlds

    Atlas Worlds is a newcomer in the campaign management field (currently Kickstarting). Their premise seems quite simple and the focus is on revealing campaign information to players piece by piece: https://atlasworlds.com/ But the tool has also some advanced functionality for handling the GM...
  3. Auke

    Dynamics & Dungeons Discussion?

    OK, so sorry for the terrible thread title :-) So one mantra my games go by is that player's actions have consequences. This suggests that NPC actions also have consequences. Given that some NPCs will have a greater "reach" than low-level PCs, the consequences should be greater (e.g. King Bob...
  4. G

    Export Campaign Log Complete w/ Loopy Planning

    Can someone (Johnn or otherwise) export a well organized log, with primary data, loopy planning, etc. While the tool makes it easy to make your own organizational system, I'd like to just copy what someone else is doing already.
  5. ELF

    Build Your Map

    BuildYourMap.com looks like it could be useful for organizing also RPG campaigns: http://www.buildyourmap.com/
  6. ELF


    Early access campaign management software in Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1039110/Ikarus/ Based on the customer reviews, it really seems like an early access product. But at least it’s free...
  7. ELF


    Chronica is a new contender on the RPG campaign management front: https://www.chronica.ventures/ The development team seems to be aiming for quite a detailed way to handle the campaign, they are planning features like inventory management and encumbrance calculations that remind me of VTT...
  8. JohnnFour

    My Campaign Control Entry

    Here's how I've been organizing my Murder Hobos campaign. The Campaigning update will get us a Root Node feature where one entry per tag gets extra character counts and treatment as the official overview entry. Until that release, I've been tagging all such entries in the footer as §Root...
  9. ELF


    In the summer the German "Better than Life" development team ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter for their campaign management tool YARPS. Today they have announced that the project will return. In the Kickstarter campaign they did not show much of the actual tool, but have now decided to create a...