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Dynamics & Dungeons Discussion?


New member
OK, so sorry for the terrible thread title :)

So one mantra my games go by is that player's actions have consequences. This suggests that NPC actions also have consequences. Given that some NPCs will have a greater "reach" than low-level PCs, the consequences should be greater (e.g. King Bob kills Queen Mary and now the kingdom is in a fracas. But PC-1 is the cousin of Queen Mary, so, gasp, diverse alarums and GO!)

Anyway, I've always been stumped by how to keep track of the dynamics of a campaign, and in a broader context, of world building.

How about we set up a Skype chat some time, and talk about this?

You can find me on Skype easily (Auke Slotegraaf / psychohistorian) and my e-mail is aukeslotegraaf@gmail.com

What say y'all?