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  1. ExileInParadise

    Sie Siete Station, Niecti Orbit, Gliese 14

    The captain's voice came over the intercom, "All passengers prepare for docking." Eagerly peering out of the shuttle viewport, I watched breathless as the distant stars began shifting in response to the docking maneuvers. Quickly, a limb of Sie Siete, a ring of dust and ice around Nieci, came...
  2. Stephan Hornick

    RPT Newsletter #018 | 10 Ways To Make Your Ogres More Intimidating

    10 Ways To Make Your Ogres More Intimidating From JohnnFour | updated May 20, 2021 Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #018 Make them cunning Help the players make overconfident mistakes by playing up ogres as dumb and slow Attacking ogres focus on spell casters first–with ogre-size rocks hurled at...
  3. JohnnFour

    Monster Tips

    I've been receiving emails from Friday's monster Musing. See comments below for some great ideas.
  4. JohnnFour

    Question of the Week: What’s your favorite monster?

    It's a tough choice for me. As soon as I got my hands on D1-D2: Descent Into the Depths of the Earth and those mind flayers, I was hooked on those critters. But my all-time favourite monster is the beholder. Maybe because I had to start wearing glasses when I was a kid. :) Beholders could...
  5. JohnnFour

    5E Monster Stat Block Generator

    A nice creation: https://tetra-cube.github.io/dnd/dnd-statblock.html Would love to see CL someday offer output options like this. GUI question for you. What could be done to make monster input into this tool faster? It's a pain filling out all those form fields. What would you change to...