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  1. L

    Shared Logs

    Is it currently possible to have a single shared campaign log where all players can create new entries, as well as see entries from other players? I'm thinking of a variation of a West Marches style campaign, and using the campaign logger to keep track of some of the campaign details as a gm...
  2. L

    Evaluation questions for vNext

    Hi, I have never used any version of Campaign Logger. A few years I took a look at it as a replacement for Realm Works. With a limit of ~400 words it wasn't a good fit. I now see campaign entries have a much large limit. Since I've never used it, I'm not completely familiar with the...
  3. R

    How to un-share a log entry?

    Hello, I just discovered the "share entry" feature and shared something. Now I wonder how I can undo the sharing? Thanks for the great application! greetings from Germany ronald
  4. P

    Feature to share logs with (unpaid) players?

    Hi gents, I seem to recall reading somewhere that there were plans to update Campaign Logger to allow for us GMs to share logs with players (unpaid users) - is that still in the works? I've been a player in a game for a while but it will be my turn back in the GM chair soon, so I've been...