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Evaluation questions for vNext

Louis Davout

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I have never used any version of Campaign Logger. A few years I took a look at it as a replacement for Realm Works. With a limit of ~400 words it wasn't a good fit. I now see campaign entries have a much large limit. Since I've never used it, I'm not completely familiar with the nomenclature, my apologies.
  1. So is a tag like the name of an topic in a wiki? Or is it more like a category name?
  2. Does vNext have entry rename propagation? In other words, in some wikis when you rename an topic, the wiki will change the text of all the link references in all other topics.
  3. Do campaign entries have multiple fields or is it a single text area?
  4. Is there a way to mark individual session entries and campaign entries as public/sharable (or whatever) that can either be viewed directly by players (non paying people) or exported and then sent to players? If the later what formats are the exports? I found this and this. So it seems there is some kind of sharing but I don't know what a stream is (sorry) nor do I know if the feature shares an entire collection or if there is means of filtering.


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@Louis Davout Campaign Logger and Realm Works are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

RW has extensive data types and variables to classify your campaign information. It's a heavy database approach.

CL is freeform. We give you a blank slate you can start using in under a minute to start adding campaign information. Your campaign information goes into a pool or cloud you can pull easily from via search, filter, and tags.

1. Yes. More like a Category.
2. Yes. And you can use Batch edit to update topics (we call them Tags) at once.
3. Single text area.
4. Yes. Use the Share feature to add specific entries to a "Stream", which is a public page containing all your shared entries (and with vNext, also has an RSS feed). We'll offer exports of Streams in the future.