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  1. ELF


    The Unity-based Wildshape mapping software is currently in alpha, and downloadable for a Pay What You Want price for Windows, Linux and Mac: https://dldev.itch.io/wildshape See their Patreon for more information: https://www.patreon.com/Wildshape
  2. ELF

    Black Cat Familiar

    Black Cat Familiar is a free, Windows-based helper utility for running D&D 5e games: https://blackcatfamiliar.org/ The software is actively developed and just received an update today: https://blackcatfamiliar.org/download
  3. JohnnFour

    Foundry VTT

    From RPT GM Nik L: Foundry VTT is a newer VTT currently in beta, but already outstripping all others in terms of features and performance. It's got an amazing open API that allows for powerful community-driven extension and system development, so it will be effectively as customizable as...
  4. ELF


    Chronica is a new contender on the RPG campaign management front: https://www.chronica.ventures/ The development team seems to be aiming for quite a detailed way to handle the campaign, they are planning features like inventory management and encumbrance calculations that remind me of VTT...
  5. ELF

    Dungeon Fog

    The dungeon design software Dungeon Fog has now officially launched. If you login and create at least one map during this launch weekend, you can even earn a sweet achievement. :) A basic account is free.
  6. ELF

    Ultimate Games Master tool suite

    This is a curious one. The Ultimate Games Master application has clearly put effort into their online presence, but hard facts about the app(s) are harder to come by. Apparently it's a tool by a three-people team, and was supposed to launch in the beginning of August. Subscription options are...