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Ultimate Games Master tool suite


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This is a curious one. The Ultimate Games Master application has clearly put effort into their online presence, but hard facts about the app(s) are harder to come by. Apparently it's a tool by a three-people team, and was supposed to launch in the beginning of August. Subscription options are already available, but there's no demo on in-depth coverage of the offered functionality:

UGM, a suite of easy to use, fully compatible, time saving, epic sounding experience enhancing tools in one CRITICAL hitting app!

The Trello board for UGM roadmapping gives a bit more information, but not much. The concept looks interesting, but I'm still left a little puzzled.
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Intriguing concept, but I can't really tell what it does and doesn't do by the info-graphics. Is this s Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds replacement/worldbuilding app?


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This looks really flashy. I'm always very sceptical when I see such representations. Who is telling me that it won't be a vaporware?