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  1. JohnnFour

    When you can't log into Campaign Logger

    We're finding a common support issue regarding GMs not being able to log into CL, especially in Chrome. If you encounter this situation, here are some steps to take to quickly fix the issue: Clear cache and cookies for campaign-logger.com. Sometimes data gets corrupted in your local files and...
  2. pgcannonjr

    Johnn, Now or wait?

    @JohnnFour I see your Campaign Seeds Book/Campaign Creation Guide bundle offer. Is that something that is helpful now, or should I wait until the class is over, or is that covered in the class? Thanks!
  3. MarkD

    Completion is adding unnecessary "quotes"

    Hi! Brand new user. I noticed that when I do a completion (say, @CharacterName) which has no spaces or anything funky with it, if I use completion, it comes through as @"CharacterName". Is there a way to suppress the quotes (short of typing the whole name or going back and editing them out)...
  4. Y

    Somebody help me with this snippet

    Hey there, I've been meaning to add a random name that I plan to add as a part to a generator I've already made and it refuses to work. Johnn said he didn't know what was wrong with it either. Can somebody help? { "name":"RandomOne", "resultPattern":"{nmZero}" { "name": "nmZero"...
  5. Frost Birch

    Question: Is there a limit to number of entries in a log?

    I know there is a size limit for a log post but is there a limit to the number of posts within a campaign log? I just finished my first game using Campaign Logger and a three hour session produced over 128 log entries and I wasn't even logging at full potential. If I average 126 entries per...
  6. Frost Birch

    Question: How Can One Identify One Specific Post?

    Is there an ID tag for each log post? I am trying to add a tag referring back to one specific post. If I use that tag more than once it brings back all the posts with that tag. Does each post have a unique identifying tag?
  7. S

    Organizing Logs in Campaign Logger vNext

    I mentioned this is a totally different (non-beta-related) thread, but... I dislike the way literally everything is just called a "log" with no way to differentiate between levels when talking about them. It makes it tough to communicate what we're talking about here, AND makes it hard to...
  8. G

    John, where's you're article about showing threads and next actions

    You had an article about tracking your major plot threads and the next action for the antagonists in a grid at the top of your prep doc. I can't find it. Can you share it again?
  9. JohnnFour

    How to Cancel / unsubscribe Your Campaign Logger Subscription

    Thank you for using Campaign Logger! We're sorry to hear you are looking to cancel your Campaign Logger account. To do so, please open a quick support ticket here and let us know you'd like to cancel your subscription. Open a support ticket here. Cheers, Johnn
  10. G

    Newbie & New Questions

    OK I am new and very excited, and with that comes the new guy questions Player Invite Question * How do I invite players to the campaign? Dice Question The Dice logger app shows this [|F2|][|F3|][|S9|][|S10|+|F3|][|F7|][|F1|][|F2|] 37 Which is great but when it posts to the log it shows this...
  11. L

    Can everyone see everyone's logs?

    Coming back to Campaign Logger after grabbing it a few years ago. Hoping to use it as a way to manage a wargame campaign for a few friends (along the lines of the Necromunda Dominion campaign). One thing that struck me as odd was that I have access to everyone's campaigns and can post in them...
  12. Hannu

    I am getting this when trying to add a generator

    Cannot add/update generator. Generator is valid JSON according to jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com
  13. JochenL

    Generator Downtime

    From 2:30 PM GMT till about 3:30 PM GMT - today, 12/13/18 - there will be a scheduled downtime of the Generator Service to implement all the changes in production that we were testing in staging during the last week.
  14. JohnnFour

    My [XYZ] has disappeared

    Campaign Logger works by downloading as much of your data and app features code into your browser as possible so you have the fastest possible experience with your campaign data. The payload is usually under a few megabytes. The first time you log into Campaign Logger, please give the app a...
  15. L

    Before I, Hopefully Temporarily, Go...

    ... does anyone have any "best practices" against losing data/entries/info, applicable to CL? I really like this product, but I just can't bring myself to using it if I think my material is going to join lost socks. It doesn't have to be CL specific; it just has to apply to prevention of...
  16. L

    Not Again, and Not Cool

    Just lost two entire Logs, one containing significant amounts of data; I've been here before, with other products, and here I am again. If you can't RELY on a thing, then it's worse than useless. Dag nabbit.
  17. MaulTiper

    Generators not working

    Anyone else having issue with generators? All mine stopped working. Just say: "Could not generate a whatever". Any suggestions?
  18. DM Mark

    Text Entry Box Overflow

    I noticed this happening tonight when I was testing text box sized. I was trying to find more logger info and in an old vid it said there was a 250 character limit on entries but I saw something more recent saying 2500. In any case both seem to overflow the boundaries of the textbox. The first...
  19. Hannu

    Is there a place that catalogs all the cheatsheets for logger, generator syntax cheatsheets etc

    Could we have sticky thread on that...
  20. FluffyB

    Tracking Sessions

    ....edit: I found it. In the prefix for example =) sorry =) ---------------------- Hi! New member here and noob with Campaign Logger :geek: I tried searching first, promise! The pdf says that you can search in sessions, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to tag session27 (from example in...