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Borderland - A Collection of Names

Stephan Hornick

Community Goblin & Master of the Archive
Platinum WoA
Wizard of Story
Wizard of Combat
Borderland Explorer
This thread is intended to collect all names and descriptors of peoples and places to easily recollect an NPC's or locations' name and let's you decide on your next mision etc.


Dancing Cauldron
Merryweather Limbeck: Grey-haired innkeep of the Dancing Cauldron in Holt-Lindeck.​
Gervin Limbeck: A young man, who wants to become a writer or a bard, son of Merryweather and waiter at the Dancing Cauldron.​
Echawan: Nichuan's younger Riksharr sister who works as a barmaid at the Dancing Cauldron.​
Nisalach: Nichuan's younger Riksharr sister who wants to become a caravan guard like her mother. She works as a market guard at the moment.​
Karlach: Nichuan's mother, who lost all hope after losing her sword hand and husband.​

Patrician Council of Holt-Lindeck​
Willert Moosball: Halfling magistrate of Holt-Lindeck. (LG male halfling expert 9)​
Darris Hopfentreu: Halfling maid. Currently works for Willert Moosball, but thinks about joining the Borderland Explorers. She wears red-brown leather clothing, is very strong, and binds her hair with a nice white hair band with red dots.​
Erren Hopfentreu: Darris' knowledgeable uncle.​
Jana Hemlock: Oath advisor of Holt-Lindeck's council, lay priestess of Perra at the shrine in Holt-Lindeck.​
Forlon Fudge: Tax collector of Holt-Lindeck.​
Trivor Halberstein: Council member of Holt-Lindeck, responsible for finances. (LE male human aristocrat 4)​
Master Durok: Dwarven Guildmaster of Metalworks. Strong, square dwarf with braided beard and a thin pelt of hair covering his entire body, working himself as a smith in the most ugliest of all buildings covered with raw smithing works of his many apprentices. (LN male dwarf expert 12)​
Felbok Winterloft: Armor smith of Holt-Lindeck.​
Holbok Winterloft: Weapon smith of Holt-Lindeck.​
Mistress Hemla Dornholt: Guildmaster of Stoneworks. Human.​
Uvrat from Cobbleroad: Mason of Holt-Lindeck.​
Heriguld: Potter.​
Master Jeremias Feldwerk: Guildmaster of Woodworks. Human.​
Nimrod Nail: Carpenter of Holt-Lindeck.​
Shandra: Halfling carpenter.​
Mistress Ravanna Priem: Guildmaster of Leatherworks. Gnome.​
Master Zervikal: Guildmaster of Clothworks. Human.​
Mistress Zervikal: The guildmaster's wife and a skilled seamstress. Human.​
Mistress Gemma Al'Amlinn: Guildmaster of Entertainers. Half-Elf. (CN female half-elf bard 5)​
Caspir Holt: A bard in the service of Mistress Gemma Al'Amlinn, who Eremis broke his nose due to cheating in a card game, and who Korsahc broke the hand because of the same.​
Rinaldi dela Capistrano: Swordmaster of the north, first blade of Mistress Al'Amlinn, and the best dancer of this city (or so he says)​
Master ?: Guildmaster of Thieves.​
Messingfinger: An halfling that is hard to catch, presumably from an underground organization that controls politics and may be a member of a thieves' guild in Holt-Lindeck. He is a little stout, wears side whiskers, and always a long jacket.​
Master Eremis Gladis: Guildmaster of the Adventurers' Guild Borderland Explorers. (PC)​
Drowning Prision
Korsahc: A half-orc barbarian of the Bloody Hand Tribe, who broke Caspir's hand and fought a duel with Arthur and is now held captive in the Drowning Prison.​
The Guard​
Liushard of Gorn: Lieutenant of the city guard, whom Eremis hit in the face for spilling wine onto him.​
Otto Fyven: Influential Guide. Former guard. (LG male human warrior 3)​
Magister Gernwald Berling: Headmaster of the Free College of Holt-Lindeck, also known as the Ramshackle Tower, the Magician Academy of Light. (CG male human wizard 11)​
Amadeus Holt: Influential distiller. (LN male human expert 4)​
Gerrit: Amadeus Holt's henchman. He has greying hair and always wears a scarf. Below the scarf some might see a scar which looks like from a noose.​
Jarea: Amadeus Holt's henchwoman. She is big, blond, and buxom. She has dominant lips perfect for kissing and cute with her smile.​
Taalanis Grayhair: Influential Wire Drawer. (NG female elf magus 5)​
Old Orilia: Old Washerwoman. Pious, talkative, loves rumors and is influential with some people.​
Vorla Heartstone: Old Gnome apothecary/pharmacist. Cautious and reserved.​
† Amelia: Former girlfriend of Jarvis. Closed Eye tattoo in her left palm. Lives in the run-down Castle District. Leader of a perverted Perra cult and vampire.​
† Aphron Periast: High priest of the perverted Perra cult. As he died, five Kikimora young burst from his chest.​
Miron: Drunkard of the run-down Castle District. "What Perra annoys - the Eye enjoys". Member of the vampire cult.​
Jarvis: Porter and dockhand. Amelia was his girlfriend.​
Erik: Porter and dockhand. Friend of Jarvis.​

Acht-Ziegen / Eight-Goats
The limping Pollen: A young man healed by Brother Benedikt during the Healing of the Limp in April 1021NL.​

Bruckheim, Norbruck (formerly Alt-Auheim)
Odilon Fußtreu: Halfling constable of Norbruck, and regular customer at the Black Bear Inn. Winner of the most black belts in drinking Black Pelts, the famous local ale.​
Rosalind: Human ferry woman.​
Bruckheim, Sutbruck
Snilkis Samtstein: Former gnomish leader of the tent town of Auheim refugees, now constable of Sutbruck.​
Frundir Samtstein: Gnomish miner from Auheim, who died of the disease after coming to Holt-Lindeck.​
Marushka Fußtreu: Sister of Odilon Fußtreu, now wife of Snilkis Samtstein.​

Merwild Dusk of Amber: Gnomish city administrator of Auheim, who accomplished to create Abyssium and Thaumarium.​
Matilde: Gnomish mistress of Merwild.​
Meredith Everbread (Rissa): Merryweather's sister in Auheim, who is the landlady of the Lucky Cauldron there.​
Eren Everbread: Meredith's almost no longer pubescent son who works the watchtower in Auheim.​
Ereska Meerhaven: A half-Riksharr that Eremis is looking for and that was spotted in Auheim.​
Twilix and Lillix: A pair of disappeared twin-girls working for Meredith. No one knows whether they are still alive.​
Areas: Foreign youngster who had been flirting with the twins.​
Old Buck: Young exhausted man working as a horse breeder in Auheim.​
Olimm: Disappeared buffalo farmer who had conflicts with Merwild. No one knows whether he is still alive.​
Ralwin Ever: Everbeet Farmer and father of Twilix and Lillix. Friendly, bearded, almost no hair.​
† Tess: Abducted mastiff.​
† Tadilion: Mercenary of the Crimson Legion. A mostly silent brute with no hair but heavy armor. He fell into the lava river.​
Fox: Mercenary of the Crimson Legion. A sly, quick, and quick-witted short man with squinting eyes.​

Kalas Hadakh
† Thor Grimbeard: Fallen King of the dwarven stronghold Kalas Hadakh, which are nowadays ruins below Auheim.​
† Malle: Thor's beloved dwarven woman he married.​
† Maldug Grimbeard: Thor's brother, a priest.​

Silver Mines
Utgar Hinkel: The administrator of the silver mines. An unfriendly gnome who dresses fairly, but only sees silver, not people.​
Abelot Reynfrey: This inquisitor of Solus entered the silver mines and came back mad and ill. As the heroes cleared the mines he vanished from Auheim. His whereabouts are still unknown.​
Deep Gnome Village
Alinas: A female Deep Gnome rescued by Eremis from Doom Children in the Temple of Hehl.​
Leto: A male Deep Gnome also rescued.​
Kol: A male Deep Gnome also rescued.​
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Stephan Hornick

Community Goblin & Master of the Archive
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Wizard of Combat
Borderland Explorer
Magister Uri Grabenstein: Magician from Freiholt, who apparently conjured Amon-al-Devol himself 30 years ago.​

Twilight Forest
† Augustinius: An archmage who disappeared a hundred years ago and is said to still have a magic tower somewhere. He is the author of the summoning ritual of Amon-al-Devol.​
The Deathless One: A god?​
The Meat-Monger: Leader of the armies of the Deathless One and unholy warrior.​
Jadwiga Noga: Mother of the Deathless One - prophecized his near return.​
Penelope: Leader of the man-eaters' village within the forest. A ghastly beautiful woman, who named the harpy their pet.​

Somewhere Else In the Borderlands
Gruzzak: Orc general of the Blackfang Tribe who occupy the Falkenstayn Barony.​
Falnim: Black fire dragon who fought against Thor Grimbeard and was deadly wounded. No one knows whether he had survived. He is said to have lost one tooth and has a spikey, ghastly appearance.​

Bitter Plains
Tern: Nowadays just called the Old Hag, but formerly the Wolfrider. A wise woman and druid of the elven Blue Leaf Tribe.​

Somewhere in the South-East of the Warring Kingdoms
Kevren Gladis: Current Earl of Highcastle.​
Nephratee Gladis: The Earl's mother.​
Gerth Gladis: The Earl's father.​
Ulissian Gladis: The Earl's uncle and general of the Gladis Army.​
Father Helmstaed: Castle priest, accountant, teacher and head advisor of the Earl in Highcastle.​
Ioleth: An old carpenter of Honeyglen.​

Somewhere Else
Amon-al-Devol: A demon of knowledge NOT summoned by Hogar.​
Turrh'Zzarrh'Chorraz: An arch demon summoned by the shaman of the Blackfang Tribe, who gave Gruzzak additional powers.​
Gram si Alachmes: A Riksharr caravan leader.​
Auminius: An assassin for the Gladis family.​
Galvin Readbeard: A dwarven merchant of exotic goods.​


The World
The West: Feudal kingdoms fighting a century-old war. These are the lands of Humanity. Life is unpredictable, low, and dangerous there. In recent years, The Plague has ravaged human lands and killed people by the thousands.
The East: Mostly unexplored and wild. Several attempts have been made to settle there, but all failed after a few decades. Legend holds that somewhere to the east lies the origin of Dwarvenkind. The last exodus of the dwarves was headed to that Ancestral East about a century ago.
The North: The Amber Sea extends to the All-Frozen. The Eternal Mist of the sea is shrouding lush islands that are the home of Elvenkind.
The South:
The Golden Lands are the origin of exotic people and wares. Best known are the Catfolk tobacco merchants, calling themselves Riksharr.

The Margraviate of Hochholt (The Borderland)
The game will take place in the former Margraviate of Hochholt (“High Wood”). It was part of one of the Warring Kingdoms but declared independence about 70 years ago. 20 years later, a tragedy killed all members of the margrave-family and left Castle Holt uninhabitable. Since then, the land is just known as the Borderland. In the last decades, many outlying communities lost contact with the center of the margraviate, and some were abandoned altogether.
People from those border villages constitute a good part of the former capital town of Holt-Lindeck. Roads are no longer patrolled. The town watch of Holt-Lindeck is the only organized armed force in the land. The Patrician Council of the town keeps the watch nearby to protect the walls and at most the surrounding villages that provide food for the population.
The Borderland is “sheltered” by the Hag Marshes in the west from being drawn into the war. Trade has faltered mostly, but merchants from the south going for the Amber Sea and the odd dwarven caravan from the east still come by once in a while.
Halfling crews, constantly rivaling each other, dominate transportation by boat on the river Linner (“Snake”). Two or three extended Half-Orc families provide mercenary duties to the rich and/or desperate.
There is only one other, albeit smaller, town to the east: Auheim. Originally, it was just another village completely dedicated to farming. But Gnome prospectors reopened an old dwarven gold mine 30 years ago and started to dig up silver. Soon Auheim attracted other miners and silver workers and started to grow in the shadows of the Silver Peaks. Today the new-found wealth can afford the replacement of the old stockade with a sturdier wall.
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Stephan Hornick

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Borderland Explorer
And here a number of maps and pictures of locations:

Old Auheim, Norbruck
Silver Peaks
Silver Peaks.jpg

Auheim (city map)
Auheim, burning

auheim burning.jpg
Dancing Cauldron
Dancing Cauldron
Dancing Cauldron.jpg
Dancing Cauldron
Dancing Cauldron 02.jpg
General overview over different countries

More to be added later...
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Stephan Hornick

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Wizard of Story
Wizard of Combat
Borderland Explorer
Known Timeline

December 24, 621 NLThe dwarven miners of Kalas Hadahk at the Silver Peaks (which is nowadays called Auheim) left the area due to a "curse".
921 NLThe Arch Mage Augustinius disappeared.
951 NLThe Margraviate of Hochholt declared independence from the Warring Kingdoms
991 NLThe gnome Merwild Dusk Of Amber discovered the ruins of a Dwarven outpost near the Silver Peaks. He secured the rights to the land, reopened the former gold mines as silver mines and rebuilt a new Auheim on the ruins of the former dwarven outpost.
999 NLMagister Uri Grabenstein wrote his comments on demon summoning in Freiholt.
1001 NLThe Margrave and his family died in a mysterious way. Castle Holt was abandoned and magically sealed.
March 27, 1021 NLRumor about Freiholt, the Twilight Forest, and the Black Fang Knolls (see above).
April 13, 1021 NLFrundir Samtstein arrived in Holt-Lindeck and was very ill.
April 15, 1021 NLRumors: Blood Moon, Frundir Samtstein died in Holt-Lindeck (see above).
April 21, 1021 NLThe first group of adventurers left for Auheim to investigate the plague (Eremis, Benedikt, Nichuan).
April 26, 1021 NLThe first group of adventurers came back to Holt-Lindeck (including Hrgungdvar).
May 19, 1021 NLThe second group of adventurers left for the Lonely Tower for loot (Eremis, Jacob, Teo, Bausum).
May 28, 1021 NLThe second group of adventurers came back to Holt-Lindeck.
June 7, 1021 NLThe third group of adventurers left for the Silver Mines near Auheim to close the Temple of Hehl there (Eremis, Benedikt, Nichuan, Hrgungdvar).
June 10, 1021 NLThe third group of adventurers came back to Auheim. The Bleaching Plague is gone. Festivities began.
June 14, 1021 NLThe fourth group of adventurers ventured into the Twilight Forest (Arthur, Foxrouge, Illandor).
The third group of adventurers came back to Holt-Lindeck.
June 17, 1021 NLThe fourth group of adventurers came back to Holt-Lindeck.
July 19, 1021 NLThe adventurers' guild Borderland Explorers was officially founded.
July 20, 1021 NLThe fifths group of adventurers solved a mystery at the Holt-Lindeck docks (Hrgungdvar, Hogar). This was the first mission for the Borderland Explorers.
July 28, 1021 NLThe sixths group of adventurers ventured into the Twilight Forest to visit the Lonely Tower again, only to find remains of Orcs there (Eremis, Nichuan, Bausum, Hogar, Eric).
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Central Borderland
¤ Holt-Lindeck (Tier 0): The town of Holt-Lindeck is dominated by Castle Holt and lies at the starting region’s center. It was built on the west bank in a bend of the river Linner, flowing from south to north. A bridge of dwarven construction crosses the water and connects the town to the farming villages dotting the east bank and hinterlands. The Harbor Gate in the North-East leads to Halberstein, the King's Gate in the West connects to the King's Road, and the Castle Gate in the South connects to Freiholt. More Details
Dancing Cauldron (Tanzender Kessel): The biggest inn in the northern part of town and meeting point of adventurers.​
Council Cellar Inn (Ratskeller Inn): A small and cheap inn in the east part of town.​
Halfling boaters visiting the relatively cool Council Cellar Inn: "The heat is taking its toll! Ripe fields wither while the peasants stay at home out of the murderous sun. Just a few days ago, a farmhand collapsed at the riverbank directly beside near-dead cattle. And the water is so warm that fish is dying by the hundreds!" (Mid-August 1021NL)
Drowning Prison: A prison at the river.​
Twin Swan Bathhouse: Bathhouse near the brothel in the east part of town.​
Castle Holt (Tier ?): Since the vanishing of the margrave family, the castle is off-limits. In fact, the castle grounds have been sealed, the gate magically locked. Locals even report eerie lights flickering inside the castle on especially dark nights.​
At the Docks (Tier ?):
A beggar asked for gossip: "The Eye is all around the city. Some say it is Perra's Eye about to bring judgment to us sinners. Some say it is Hehl who is waking to avenge the defiling of his temple by those adventurers. I say it is the Deathless One coming to claim his dominion!" (Mid-August 1021NL)

Wolfwood (Tier ?):
Moonclaw of Wolfwood (Tier 2): Monument fabled to lie deep in the Wolfwood south of Old King’s Road. According to legend, it harbors the remnants of the last Heavenly Wolf.​
Wasteland of Durkmar (Tier ?): Between the Warring Kingdoms and the Akrassian Empire.

West (Towards: Old King's Road)
Hag Marshes (Tier 3): A several miles wide strip of wetland separates the warring kingdoms and the Borderland. It is the home of several hag covens and their goblinoid minions.
Warring Kingdoms (Tier ?): A land to the West where several kingdoms fight for supremacy.
¤ Highcastle Earlship (Tier ?):
¤ Honeyglen (Tier 0):

Twilight Forest (Tier 1): North of the Old King’s Road lies this deep forest, rumored to be the home of nefarious robbers and cannibals.
A merchant warning another on the market: "Better not go up near Twilight Forest! A friend of mine told me that this Shrovetide's Mummery never ended there. Lunatics painted red and white hunt the locals!" (End of March 1021NL)
Lonely Tower (Tier 1): A lonely tower deep in the woods with no visible entrances and riddled with traps. It holds the forgotten riches of a long-dead archmage, or so they say. Bausum had found it 3 to 4 days of travel from Holt-Lindeck into the Twilight Forest. Completely made out of smooth bone, it was believed to be the abandoned tower of the nefarious archmage Augustinius. It is surrounded by a strange field, that prevents travellers to come near it, except from one specific route, and time to warp within its vicinity. In addition there are rumors of undead skeletons protecting this tower.​
Village of Flesheaters? (Tier ?):​
At the Harbor Gate, refugees arguing with guards to let them enter the town: "We just escaped those man-eaters, barely alive. Our uncle lost his leg - not to an accident or a fight. He was just treated like raw meat! They took it, roasted it, and ate it in a mocking of a communal feast! And you are telling us that there is no room for him?!"
Pirate Coast (Tier ?):

North (Towards: Lower Linner)
¤ Halberstein (Tier 0):
In the Dancing Cauldron, a guard from Halberstein is pondering the lines she received from her parents: "The wells are drying, and the upper town needs to go down to the river to get its water. Still, the wood is creeping closer every night. The trees looking fresh and vivid green. Last week the first oak broke the town wall - in one night, a mere palisade stake grew into a huge tree!" (Mid-August 1021NL)
¤ Falkenstayn Barony (Tier ?):
Griffin Hills (Tier ?):
Amber Sea (Tier ?):
All Frozen (Tier ?):

Black Fang Knolls (Tier ?):
A trapper drinking his share in a local tavern tells his listeners: "A friend of a friend hunting in the east is finding less and less deer at the end of this winter. This surely is related to pillars of smoke rising at the southern fringes of the Black Fang Knolls." (End of March 1021NL)
Young Pollen from Eightgoats on an errand to inform the magistrate: "More and more people from the north are heading for the Dwarven road. They are yet undecided whether to turn to Holt-Lindeck or #Auheim. But they tell of orcs seizing their land and forcing the young to work it while the elderly get questioned and then roasted..." (Mid-August 1021NL)
Cave of Abyssal Gloom (Tier 1): Somewhere to the north of the Dwarven Caravan Road lies a system of caves. The central cavern harbors a shaft leading down into eternal darkness. Weird sounds from far below are the only hints at what lies down there.
Fairy Water (Tier 2): A large system of lakes to the north of the Dwarven Caravan Road, shrouded in mist and rumored to lie near the border of the Otherworld.
Mirror Lake (Tier 3): The only lake not connected to the Fairy Water and not shrouded in mist. Legend holds that when the moon is mirrored in the water on clear nights, a portal to the Moonrealm is opened for anyone willing to leave this world behind.​
Ancestral East (Tier ?):
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Stephan Hornick

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East (Towards: Dwarven Caravan Road / Silver Linner)
¤ Acht-Ziegen (Tier 0): A small village just past the bridge. (0.5 days on foot from Holt-Lindeck)
¤ Bruckheim, Norbruck (Tier 0): A small halfling village, formerly called Alt-Auheim. Located north of the Silver Linner.
¤ Bruckheim, Sutbruck (Tier 0): A small halfling village, formerly called Alt-Auheim. Located south of the Silver Linner.
¤ Auheim (Tier 1/0): Second biggest settlement in the Borderlands. A miner town named after Old Auheim, consisting of gnomes and humans. It is famous for its dwarvish dark vine, the dwarvish ruins on which it was built, and for the silver mines. It was where a mighty demon was summoned and killed by Eremis, Hrgungdvar, Benedikt and Nichuan. (50 miles or 2.5 days on foot from Holt-Lindeck)
Around New Moon in the evenings and mornings, the moon's whole face is burning bright red for everyone to see. A Hehl-worshipping weirdo is telling everyone willing to listen: "The End is Nigh! The Underworld's fires are burning brighter every day!" (Mid-April 1021NL)

A Gnome [later known to be Frundir Samtstein] struck by fever entered Holt-Lindeck a few days ago. Gatekeepers report that he has been murmuring about "black snow falling on Auheim." Yesterday he died, having lost all the color in his hair, eyes, and skin. (Mid-April 1021NL)
A merchant from Auheim on the central market: "These are crazy times! We had just suffered through a demonic invasion, vampires, and a dwindling of silver - and now this blinded fool of a preacher is wandering the rural communities, inciting the people to stop "toiling" and start "living" - the end being neigh and such!" (Mid-August 1021NL)
Kalas Hadakh (Tier 1): Dwarvish ruins below Auheim. The Burial Mound has not been opened due to a difficult riddle, but is said to contain magical wonders and items and traps.​
Silver Peaks (Tier 1): Former Dwarven gold mines reopened as silver mines by Gnomes. They rapidly grew Auheim to the second largest settlement in the region.
Silver Mines (Tier 1): They are said to be cursed.​
Kikimore Hive (Tier ?): There seems to be a Kikimore hive nearby.​
Temple of Hehl (Tier 1): The adventurers found a Hehl temple within the mine and closed it. But what was with these stairs leading down? Is there really a creature bound below the basin?​
¤ Deep gnome village / Grey gnome village (Tier ?): There seems to be a deep gnome village under the mountain believing in Hehl.​
The King's Seat (Tier ?): Ghosts of dwarven guards protect the upper layer beyond the rainbow stairs. But these kingly halls surely contain gold and riches.​
Giant Ridge (Tier 2): High cliffs and rugged hills north of the Dwarven Caravan Road, home to giants and goblinoids.
¤ Krackstone (Tier ?): Legendary dwarven settlement to the East.
Bitter Plains (Tier ?):
Sapphire Empire (Tier ?):

Dragon Crest (Tier 3): Mountain range far to the south of the Dwarven Caravan Road and east of the Silver Peaks. It is the home of true dragons and their wyvern subjects.
Golden South (Tier ?):
Steppes of Nachrar (Tier ?): A land of the sun in the Golden South, from which arrive tobacco caravans in the Borderland.​
¤ Caravanserai of Salsee: (Tier 0):
¤ Liskan (Tier 0): Capital of Nachrar.​

South (Towards: Upper Linner)
¤ Freiholt (Tier ?):
A halfling boater at the docks while unloading his barge reports: "Two days ago while going past Freiholt, my nephew saw eerie lights in the woods surrounding that lost town. These are the dead that are coming back to claim their village!" (End of March 1021NL)
Boneyard of Barons (Tier 1): Monumental cemetery of a lost barony to the south of Holt-Lindeck.
Akrassian Empire (Tier ?):
A desert land far to the South.
¤ Kirkas (Tier ?): A small settling in the outskirts of the northern deserts of Akrassian.​
Roaring Ocean (Tier ?):
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Stephan Hornick

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@Stephan Hornick, @Rardian, @Morvar, @knoppi, @cr90, @FoxRouge, @Rohwar, @coldculture, @Mokopolis, @FelixDizzy

Cast of Characters

Eremis Gladis of Highcastle (Portrait).jpgSgt. Eremis Gladis
Strong mercenary and leader
Nichuan (Portrait).jpg
Creative Riksharr flame dancer
Bausum (Portrait).jpeg
Silent Half-Orc ranger

Teophilius ‚Teo‘ Litvak
Chaotic mage and archaeologist
Benedikt (Portrait).jpg
Benedikt of Falkenstayn
Zealous priest of Solus
Jacob (Portrait).jpg
Jacob of Falkenstayn
Rebellious and charming rogue
Hogar (Portrait).jpg
Hogar of Falkenstayn
Intelligent mage and demonologist
Arthur (Portrait).jpg
Arthur of Falkenstayn
Honest knight and protector
Hrgungdvar (Portrait).png
Fierce demon hunter of Perra
Foxrouge (Portrait).jpg
Wild and powerful druid

Eric (Portrait).jpg
Fierce northern barbarian

Current Leader Board
August 8, 2021

Total Damage Done

1. Eremis (204)
2. Hrgungdvar (160)
3. Nichuan (120)​

Max Damage Done

1. Nichuan (30)
2. Eric (24)
3. Arthur (23)​

Total Injuries Caused

1. Eremis (301)
2. Hrgungdvar (230)
3. Arthur (141)​

Max Injuries Caused

1. Eremis (72)
2. Arthur (46)
3. Eric (35)​

Total Injuries Suffered

1. Eremis (18)
2. Teo (15)
3. Hogar (11)​

Total Miles Travelled

1. Eremis (335)
2. Nichuan (245)
3. Benedikt (205)​

Total CPs Earned

1. Eremis (41)
2. Nichuan (34)
3. Hrgungdvar (32)​

Total Coppers Earned

1. Hrgungdvar (16,009)
2. Nichuan (14,822)
3. Benedikt (14,572)​

Session Summaries: Here
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Stephan Hornick

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Borderland Explorer
Updated after every session, so there are some new NPCs and a new timeline entry.

Stephan Hornick

Community Goblin & Master of the Archive
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Wizard of Story
Wizard of Combat
Borderland Explorer

The gods of the Borderland are no countless see of faces and faithes.
They are the few forces of nature aligned with the desires of the commoners.
And they shall not be extreme in their disposition to lead in good example.
And their symbol shall be the cross of contrasting alignments.

Neutral Good | God of the sun, light, and life.

He is the one who defined the current calendar’s year count. We are living in the year 1021 NL (i.e., “New(born) Light”) – 1021 years ago, Solus sacrificed his heart to reignite the sun and bring back light, life, and hope to the world.

His church has a formal structure and hierarchy, and you can find a shrine or temple in most settlements. In larger villages or towns, these are tended by ordained priests, while smaller settlements tend their shrines in a community effort and often have at least a lay priest guiding ceremonies.

While the normal cleric is benevolent and forgiving, the church also has a zealous warrior branch. These inquisitors are tasked with rooting out evil. Some are fanatical and unwilling to tolerate deviant behavior in any form. Blasphemies are met with immediate death. Excommunicated are treated as beyond redemption.

His symbol is the sun.

Neutral | Goddess of love, fertility, and springtime.

She is the goddess most commoners pray to most of the time. Freya protects hearth, home, and family. She ensures strong crops and children alike. Her outdoor year starts with plowing and sowing and ends with harvesting and celebrating. In the darker months, she warms her followers’ souls and guards the house and community.

Her church has no formal structure beyond a local level. Traveling priests facilitate an exchange of thoughts and rites. Clerics are expected to marry, have children, and settle down after their traveling years. Freya abhors cruelty and violence. She has no holy warriors.

Her symbol is a grain ear.

Lawful Neutral | Goddess of winter, storms, and judging.

Perra is the goddess of justice. She hunts down perpetrators, oath-breakers, and murderers. She has no compassion for wrong-doers and does not know mercy. All sins and evil acts are recorded throughout the year. With the coming of winter, the Wild Hunt sets out to chase infringing souls leaving their homes. Therefore, banishment from the protection of a community is seen as the most severe conviction.

Her church does not support temples. Instead, smaller shrines are maintained in towns and cities. The priests tending them are known as Oath Advisors. They are called on as witnesses over important deals and sworn oaths.

In the wild, the church maintains monasteries where holy warriors are trained. They are active throughout the whole year and investigate and hunt greater evil. While the Wild Hunt accounts for accumulated lesser evil acts, these “Rough Knights” hand out immediate justice wherever needed. When actively confronting trespassers, these fighters don gruesome masks to signify that Perra is after them and not a normal person.

Her symbol is a bloody hatchet.

Chaotic Neutral | Goddess of the moon, of change, and fate.

As a goddess, Luna is difficult to grasp. She is omnipresent but subtle. She rules the night sky, except for the new moon. She knows the fate of every person but does not really care. She inspires and depresses, sometimes at the same time. She rules everyone’s life like she rules the tides of the sea. She embodies beauty, serenity, loneliness, and madness alike.

Artists, gamblers, bards, and adventurers flock to her shrines, praying for inspiration, luck, and safe journeys. Her houses are seldom fixed places. They may be a traveling cleric’s tent, the atelier of a famous sculptor, a tavern room where tall tales are told and spirited songs are sung, or even an idyllic pond that mirrors the moonlight.

Her clerics are often hedonistic, willing to try everything, talk about anything, learn and teach whatever they are currently interested in. They are often driven by wanderlust and a deep desire for change. Most of the time, they are welcome, although they often change the visited community unexpectedly.

Her symbol is the moon.

Neutral Evil | God of the underworld, deception, and death.

Most people only come into contact with Hehl as the god of the underworld and death in general. But he is so much more. He rules half of creation. Sky and Earth are for gods and people. But below everything is his. Life is short. Death is eternal. And even in life, sleep – the little death – is touched by him. Life is just a deception, and he knows everything about deceiving. Those who free themselves of the shackles imposed on them by false ideals can start to be free even during their lifetime.

A thousand years ago, Hehl brought freedom to the Earth and the people. He extinguished the sun and sent the gods back to their realms. He tore down the border between life and death. His rule over creation lasted for just one year. Then the gods and the greatest heroes of the people united and together battled Hehl’s legions and finally overthrew Hehl himself. Now he is shackled in hell, never to pose any harm to creation again.

There are no known temples of Hehl. No cleric of Hehl has been seen in public for a long time. There are underground cults, though. And, although discouraged, people still shortly pray and sacrifice to Hehl on the graves of their loved ones to ensure an acceptable afterlife.

His symbol is a fiery circle of chains.

Other Gods
Besides the major gods described above, there are several lesser gods, demigods, and greater spirits worshiped locally. Another major divine element is hero worship. Especially heroes that fought a thousand years ago side-by-side with the gods to send Hehl back to hell. Some of them ascended to minor deities after the final battle.

Neutral | Demigod of war, sleep, and death.

Kerzaal was a hero who fought in the last battle against Hehl. He led the armies of mortals and landed the last blow to the Deceiver. Afterward, he ascended to godhood and inherited the domains of sleep and death from Hehl. He is a warrior by heart and does not take sides. He is more feared than venerated. His standards are high, and he expects each warrior to hone their skills and fend for themselves. Extraordinary fighters who died without fear can expect to be chosen to his hall.

He is primarily worshipped in the Warring Kingdoms, where his cult is strongest since the beginning of the Long War.

His symbol is the greatsword.


The time calculation is NL - New or Newborn Light. The world ended 1021 years ago. Hehl put out the light of the sun and covered the world with his host of demons. Solus took pity and sacrificed his heart to rekindle the sun, and in the glow of the new light the demons perished and Hehl had to retreat to the underworld.
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DateOriginPlace & DifficultyTags & ContentStatus
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeHolt-Lindeck
Castle Holt
(Tier ?)
Margrave Family
Investigation of eerie lights and what happened to the former margrave family
Comment: Probably magically closed off for a good reason, right?
Urgency: But unless this is solved, there is no next margraviate leading the Borderland against the orc army which is currently building in the North...
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeWolfwood
Moonclaw monument
(Tier 2)
Investigation of monument with last Heavenly Wolf
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeHag Marshes
(Tier 3)
Hag Marshes
Investigation of border to Warring Kingdoms, hags and goblinoids
Danger: We believe this to be too dangerous at the moment, once for the Hag Marshes itself, second for possible armies invading, and third for the dangerous plague beyond...
March 1021NLBausumTwilight Forest
Lonely Tower
(Tier 1)
Demon | Orcs
Looting of the Lonely Tower, investigation regarding demons, and the reason the Blackfang Orcs were there
Ongoing Quest: The Borderland Explorers looted the first level of the Lonely Tower once and have now returned. Apart from cat spiders, cat demons and orcs, a powerful demon seems to have been freed.
Urgency: Orcs urgent, demon very urgent
March 1021NLBenedikt FalkenstaynBlack Fang Knolls
Falkenstayn barony
(Tier ?)
Purging of the whole Black Fang tribe who conquered the barony and makes the people work for them
Comment: We believe it to be too many orks at the moment to fight alone. We need more information on them ...
Urgency: Urgent
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeTwilight Forest
(Tier 1)
Purging of robbers and cannibals
March 1021NLCommon knowledge(Somewhere North of the Dwarven Caravan Road)
Cave of Abyssal Gloom
(Tier 1)
Investigation of strange sounds coming from the central shaft
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeFairy Water lakes
(Tier 2)
Exploration of the border to the fey realm
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeMirror Lake
(Tier 3)
Investigation of the portal to the Moonrealm
Comment: This could be a one-route trip...
Danger: Too dangerous at the moment...
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeGiant Ridge
(Tier 2)
Exploration of the home to giants and goblinoids.
March 1021NLCommon knowledge(Somewhere in the East)
(Tier ?)
Exploration to find the legendary dwarven settlement
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeDragon Crest
(Tier 3)
Exploration of the home of true dragons and their wyvern subjects.
Danger: Too dangerous at the moment...
March 1021NLCommon knowledgeBoneyard of Barons
(Tier 1)
The Dead
Investigation of the monumental cemetery of a lost barony.
Urgency: A bit urgent as we have no data about dangers just south from Holt-Lindeck.
End of March 1021NLMerchant
Twilight Forest
Shrovetide's Mummery
(Tier 1)
Investigation and purging of the lunatics of the Shrovetide's Mummery
Comment: We know hardly anything about the Mummery yet ... Is this related to the Cannibals?
End of March 1021NLTrapper
(Local tavern)
Black Fang Knolls
(Tier ?)
Investigation of deer scarcity and black pillars of smoke
Comment: We know that there is a big orc tribe gathering...
Urgency: Urgent
End of March 1021NLHalfling boater (Docks)Freiholt
(Tier ?)
The Dead
Investigation of eerie lights around Freiholt and why the small town vanished
Urgency: A bit urgent as we have no data about dangers just south from Holt-Lindeck.
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QUEST LOG (Continued)

DateOriginPlace & DifficultyTags & ContentStatus
Mid-April 1021NLHehl worshipperEverywhereHehl
Investigation of the Red Moon
Closed: The Borderland Explorers were at the site of the ritual and banished the demon called forth
Mid-April 1021NLFrundir SamtsteinAuheim
(Tier ?)
Bleaching Plague
Investigation of the plague and the black snow falling over Auheim
Closed: The Borderland Explorers ended the plague.
Open leads: They did not find out why black snow was falling over Auheim
May 1021NLBard
(Dancing Cauldron)
Kalas Hadakh
(Tier ?)
Solving the riddle and opening the burial mound containing the treasures
Comment: A bard seems to have been able to open the burial mound once, roughly a month ago.
June 7, 1021NLMayor of AuheimSilver Mines
Temple of Hehl
(Tier 1)
Hehl | Kikimore
Closing of the Hehl temple to break the curse
Closed: The Borderland Explorers closed the temple and ended the plague.
Open leads: They didn't find the Kikimore hive, and there is said to have been a staircase leading down to a bound creature...
June 7, 1021NLEremisSilver Mines
Deep Gnome village
(Tier ?)
Investigation of the Deep Gnome village and their connection to Hehl
Comment: The Deep Gnomes were quite friendly...
June 7, 1021NLEremisSilver Mines
The King's Seat
(Tier ?)
Bypassing the dwarven ghosts to loot the king's treasures
June 14, 1021NLFarmersTwilight Forest
Cannibal villages
(Tier 1)
Cannibals | Deathless One
Investigation of lost farms, purging of cannibal village
Closed: The Borderland Explorers rescued one village.
Open leads: They heard of a return of the Deathless One and didn't purge all the cannibals
Mid-June 1021NLEremis about Messingfinger
(not common knowledge)
(Tier ?)
Thieves' Guild
Investigation of corruption within the town magistrate and council
Ongoing: Currently being cautiously investigated by Eremis
Mid-June 1021NLEremis about Messingfinger
(not common knowledge)
(Tier ?)
Thieves' Guild
Investigation of underground organization
Ongoing: Currently being covertly investigated by Eremis and Jacob
Mid-June 1021NLEremis about Messingfinger
(not common knowledge)
(Tier ?)
Thieves' Guild | Demons
Investigation of where the Abyssium knives go to
Ongoing: Currently being covertly investigated by Eremis and Nichuan. Nichuan later saw a vision of Messingfinger giving those knives to a demon
Urgency: Very urgent, if there are indeed demons within the city!
July 20, 1021NLDockworkerHolt-Lindeck
(Tier ?)
Eye Cult | Vampires | Kikimore
Investigation of a ritual murder
Closed: The Borderland Explorers smashed a vampiric cult.
Open leads: They didn't stop the whole cult and they didn't find out why Kikimore burst out of the leader's chest
Mid-August 1021NLHalfling boaters
(Council Cellar Inn)
(Tier 1)
Investigation of heat, collapsed farmhand, near-dead cattle, fish dying
Comment: This has surely something to do with the forest near Halberstein...
Mid-August 1021NLBeggarHolt-Lindeck
(Tier ?)
Eye Cult | Hehl | Deathless One
Further investigation of the many eye symbols in town and the false Perra cult (Hehl? Deathless One?)
Comment: The problem with the Eye Cult is not over and it is spreading...
Urgency: Urgent, if it is indeed a Hehl cult or Deathless One cult spreading rapidly within the walls of the city
Mid-August 1021NLRefugees
(Harbor Gate)
Twilight Forest
(Tier 1)
Further investigation and purging of the cannibals
Comment: The problem with the cannibals is not over yet...
Mid-August 1021NLGuard from Halberstein
(Letter from parents)
Twilight Forest
(Tier 1)
Heat | Woods
Investigation of dried out wells and fast-growing forest
Mid-August 1021NLYoung Pollen from Eightgoats
Black Fang Knolls
(Tier ?)
Purging of Orcs seizing the land of people
Comment: The spreading of the orcs is becoming more rapid.
Urgency: Urgent
Mid-August 1021NLMerchant from AuheimAuheimHehl
Finding the blind and crazy inquisitor who incites people to stop working

In addition to those rumors and quite urgent quests above, there are also several places worth exploring (see above)


Tier 0 | Hardly any danger | Within the towns
Tier 1 | Dangerous to beginning explorers | First ring around the towns
Tier 2 | Dangerous to professional explorers | Second ring around the towns
Tier 3 | Dangerous to veteran explorers | Third ring around the towns
Tier ? | Could be dangerous... no data. Remember that there can be spikes of danger within less dangerous zones...

(As currently perceived...)

Very urgent | Demon invasion, Hehl cult spreading, Plagues
Urgent | Orc invasion, Drought/Heat, Unnatural forest movements
Quite Urgent | Cannibals attacking villagers
A bit urgent | Everything else that could endanger people
Not urgent | Exploration of new areas, Treasure hunting
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This is an outgame interpretation and summary of "What is Going On?" trying to make sense of it all (for the players)

Main Plot 1 (Demon & Orc Invasion):
    Turrh'Zzarrh'Chorraz: An arch demon summoned by the shaman of the Blackfang Tribe, who gave the tribe's leader Gruzzak additional powers. Only Hogar knows about this!

    Gruzzak: Powerful orc general of the Blackfang Tribe. Only Arthur met him.

    - The Blackfang Tribe: An orc tribe from the Black Fang Knolls (north-east of Holt-Lindeck), who rapidly grow in number, occupy the Falkenstayn Barony (east of Halberstein), and now even some other settlements in the north. They have recently marched into the Twilight Forest (north-west of Holt Lindeck) to supposedly free another demon.

    - Amon-al-??: A cat-like demon of knowledge or trickery summoned by Hogar to find out who the arch demon in league with the Black Fang tribe is, but who supposedly informed Turrh'Zzarrh'Chorraz about this.

    - A Fire Rakshasa: A tiger-demon sprouting fire originally imprisoned in the Lonely Tower of Augustinius, now supposedly freed by the Blackfang Tribe to serve Turrh'Zzarrh'Chorraz.

    - Abelot Reynfrey: This former inquisitor of Solus entered the silver mines and came back mad and ill. As the heroes cleared the mines he vanished from Auheim. His whereabouts are still unknown. But now he seems to be roving the land and inciting people to stop working as "the end is near". He seems to have become a Hehl follower.

    - Messingfinger: A halfling that is hard to catch, presumably from an underground organization that controls politics and may be a member of a thieves' guild in Holt-Lindeck. He is a little stout, wears side whiskers, and always a long jacket. He is known to buy Abyssium knives and was recently found to give them to an unknown demon within (!) Holt-Lindeck.

    - Other demons: The Borderland Explorers have successfully prevented a first demonic invasion in Auheim, have fought several demon types and closed the Hehl temple in the silver mines.

Main Plot 2 (Vampire Resurrection):
    The Deathless One: Possibly an arch-vampire that is prophecized to be resurrected.

    Jadwiga Noga: Mother of the Deathless One prophecizing his return.
    † The Meat-Monger: Leader of the armies of the Deathless One and unholy warrior. Defeated by Arthur, Illandor and FoxRouge.
    † Penelope: Leader of the man-eaters' village within the Twilight Forest. A ghastly beautiful woman, who has a pet harpy.
    † High Priest of the Cult: Leader of the vampiric cult within Holt-Lindeck. The relationship with the Kikimore is unclear.

    - Cannibals: A group of cannibals from the Twilight Forest, also rumored to be robbers. Any relation to the Shrovetide's Mummery is unclear.

    - The False Perra Cult: A cult using a closed eye as their symbol that is spreading rapidly within the town of Holt-Lindeck. Many beggars join their ranks. Presumably this cult was founded after the Borderland Explorers freed a village within the Twilight Forest from the cannibals and the Meat-Monger, and the refugees from that destroyed village came to Holt-Lindeck. Maybe some vampires also came with them?

Side Plot 1 (Plague by Hehl): Solved
Side Plot 2 (Heat & Woods): Origin also Twilight Forest but presumably not related to the Main Plots.
Side Plot 3 (Corruption in Holt-Lindeck): Eremis is in the lead to find out about the thieves' guild and their influence on the magistrate and council.
Side Plot 4 (Kikimore): Where is the hive? How many are there? What have they to do with the cult in Holt-Lindeck?
Side Plot 5 (Deep Gnomes): What is with these Hehl believing gnomes below the mines? How deep does this go down? What else lives down there?
Side Plot 6 (The Margraviate): What are these eerie lights coming from Castle Holt? How did the margraviate family perish?
Side Plot 7 (The Dead): What are these eerie lights around Freiholt? What happened with the settlement? Does the Boneyard of Barons give any hints to this?
Side Plot 8 (Dwarven Riches): Who succeeds in overcoming the ghosts and riddles etc. to acquire the riches and magical treasures?
Side Plot 9 (Augustinius): Who succeeds to find magical treasure from the arch-mage Augustinius? The Borderland Explorers are about to clear the tower out. But what has Augustinius to do with the Rakshasa and other demons?

Other Exploration Plots: See above. Yet unrelated and uninvestigated things like the Hag Marshes, The Cave of Abyssal Gloom, etc.

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I updated the Cast of Characters above. I hope you like those short descriptions.

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I updated the section about the gods in accordance with Jochen's new summaries.


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I recognize this as an older post, but do you hand this to your players?

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No problem. Jochen gave every player access to this thread and I managed and maintained it. It is a reference document like I would use for my games also. Apart from the leader board which is quite special and in my view not so appropriate for non- Westmarches style games.