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  1. JohnnFour

    List of NPC Generators

    There are a few of them out there and would like to put a bigger list together. My list is especially short on sci-fi and modern NPC generators. D&D 5E https://rpgtinker.com/ http://miniworlds.online/generators/generateNPC.html http://www.fastcharacter.com/ => more of a quick PC generator...
  2. ObiJanKenobi

    Voices and accents

    Hi fellow GMs, in my last session i decided to use accents for a couple of NPCs, because i can do pretty much every German accent and my players thought it will be with. Even though you don't have Star Wars characters with a bavarian or swabian accent :D Sadly, voices are not my strong suit...
  3. S

    Newbie here, a few questions (PCs vs NPCs etc)

    Hi all Just subscribed to Campaign Logger and starting to build up a log for my new Offworlders campaign (well, a one-shot with ambitions). I've a few questions on use, would appreciate advice: should i be using the beta? Or get used to the release version first? I don't see a built-in way to...
  4. JohnnFour

    Quick NPC Hack

    RPT GM Patrick Richert has this great NPC hack: Here's a tip that I've used for creating NPCs, mostly on the fly, and one that Taliesin Jaffe uses as well. Keep the list of the 7 dwarves handy, and if you need an NPC, pick two of the dwarves, and use those aspects for the character. Sleepy...
  5. JohnnFour

    Voice & Roleplay Tips

    Got this great tip from RPT GM Rob Adams: Just a quick comment about differentiating characters -- "voice" isn't simply vocal modulation and accents. For instance, a proper noble might enunciate his words a little more clearly, use language that suggests a subconscious superiority complex, and...
  6. JohnnFour

    3 Line NPCs Thread

    Let's each post a 3 Line NPC to get the creative juices flowing. Here's a quick template: NPC Name & Role Appearance: Portrayal: Hook:
  7. N

    NPC Template

    Hey all, Thought I'd share this template I created for important NPCs. Love to hear/see how you guys are doing it. Neil @".Important NPC Template" - Alignment/Profession/Stat block || {b|Appearance} || || {b|Voice} || || {b|Personality} || || {b|Paradox} || || {b|Peculiarity} || ||...
  8. JohnnFour

    NPC Traits

    I've collected a few resources that have lists of NPC traits, including an RPT blog post with a whole bunch of them. I now want to collate all into a spreadsheet and categorize them (eg physical, mental, behavioural, etc.). And then I want to add a brief blurb (say, 10 words or so) that...
  9. JohnnFour

    Roleplaying Generator

    Hi all, A reader sent me this request: I'm not sure where to start with that request. I'm inclined to start with the output and work backwards. What kind of generator results, outputs, and patterns do you think would help GMs roleplay NPCs better?
  10. ELF

    Minimalistic generic statblock

    I'm putting together a simplistic statblock generator for an NPC generation project. I'm trying to find a format that would fill the following requirements: system-neutral: no ties to a game system (SRD or otherwise), preferably genre neutral as well compact: the 'stat' block should not fit in...
  11. beerwithdragons

    @JohnFour Game of Thrones NPC Introduction Method

    @JohnnFour, I just read today's RPT'S. Can you expand your GOT method? Quote: I believe it's a best practice to introduce at least one new NPC every session as per my Game of Thrones method. As your Cast of Characters fills out so does your GM Toolbox. - @JohnnFour Thanks in advance!
  12. Noah K

    FreeNPC: An Interconnected World of Characters

    Hello everyone! This is going to be the official thread for the FreeNPC Project's collaboration with Campaign Logger. I'm getting caught up on the backlog of NPC profile conversions and the collected CL links will be posted here as a resource. If you'd like to see the original character...