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Call for Voting Q2 / 21

Please choose you three favourites

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Hallo everyone,

we, the Campaign Logger Team, are outlining our roadmap for Campaign Logger for the rest of 2021. For that we need your help! Please tell us which features you need in Campaign Logger via the Feature Request thread. Currently we have a couple of things gathered that we would like your feedback on. If the features are clear to you then please vote on your favourites. If not, well, ask away!

The nominees are:
  1. Randomizable Log Entry templates
    It's basically like a Mad Libs for your Log Entries. Log Entry templates, in conjunction with self-made or community-made generators will allow you to quickly generate a tavern, an NPC, or even whole plots, or adventures, and put them directly into your campaign.

  2. Customizable Calendar + Calendar View of Log Entries
    Tired of calendars with exactly twelve months and fixed days per month? Then this feature might be just for you! Additionally, how about you could organize those of your Log Entries that have a date in a Calendar View like in Google Calendar that shows the title or a preview of your Log Entries? Fully navigable? For sure!

  3. Full Offline Capability
    This feature is essentially building on the auto save feature that we already brought to you to make sure you never loose anything you've written inside Campaign Logger. It's for those times where your internet connection is unstable, or being in your annual spa retreat without WiFi. With this feature you wouldn't have to worry. Just create your epic campaigns offline, and when you're back online everything gets synced!

  4. World Map Integration
    You know World Map, right? No? Well, it's one of our little side projects that we seek to integrate with Campaign Logger to boost your campaign building experience. How cool would it be if you could upload your maps and link them with your Logs and Campaign Entries? Vibrant description of the town your player characters will visit soon? Put a marker on the map that is linked to the description entry. While your on it: Put a link to your town marker into the Log Entry so you can quickly jump back and forth.

  5. Browser Add-On for CL + CC-CL Integration
    On the hunt for inspiration you browse your favorite pages. With our browser add-on you mark the content and directly convert it into a Log Entry. Just like you would do in One Note, or with your pins on Pinterest. Do your research! Easy.
    With CC we mean you, the Campaign Community! Do you want it integrated with Campaign Logger, so you can transfer a forum post directly in your Campaign Log? Vote for this if you do!

  6. Easy Publish For Generators
    Are you one of our creative Generator creators? Wouldn't it be great if we improved the way you could share your content with the community? This feature set entails one-click-publishing, a publicly accessible library, and easy integration with your Logs and Campaigns.

  7. Upload Images to Server > Drag & Drop
    Right now you can embed images in your Log Entries that are publically available on the internet. (Though Google Drive gives us a hassle.) Wouldn't it be better if you could upload your images to our servers and embed them into your Log Entries directly? And we won't stop there! Why not make the upload even easier for you by just dragging an image from your hard drive and dropping it on a Log Entry? Click, Drag, Boom!

  8. Aliases for Tags + Statuses for Tags
    People and places have nicknames, or abbreviations. Sometimes, in your favoured language you just have multiple ways to describe the same thing. With aliases for tags you could bundle all of them in the same "identity", i.e. if you search for one representation we show you all variants, including the corresponding single one Campaign Entry.
    With statuses for tags we move it even further! You want to track if your NPC is dead or alive? An enemy or an ally? Is the quest known to the players? In Progress? Solved? With statuses for tags we add another dimension of informations to tags. Vote for this feature if you want to organize your tags even better!

  9. Collaborative Log Entry Editing
    You are using Campaign Logger. You are busy with writing session notes? Why not let your players write the official notes? Or are you planning on running a campaign with a fellow GM? Now you could share your log with them, and both start adding and editing Log Entries simultaneously! Improving on that we would find a way to notify you about changes others made to your logs, or show changes made by others directly, without refreshing your page.