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feature request

  1. Hannu

    Feature request for generators in the new interface

    make it possible to see the full name of the generator on the menu list. i have lots of generators whose name gets cut off in the menu list
  2. L

    Campaign Logger Request/Suggestion

    I've been testing the trial version of the campaign logger, and had an idea that I wanted to bring up. (Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere). Currently I have Trial access to the campaign logger, and after a few few courses in the Workshop, along with some other projects I'm working...
  3. L

    Is there a way to link to tagged items with different names?

    For example, in my current Cyberpunk Campaign I have corporations that have multiple similar names in descriptions that I would like to link back to the tagged company description. A similar concept would be a character with nicknames. In my logs I refer to the thing by the nickname but would...
  4. L

    Shared Logs

    Is it currently possible to have a single shared campaign log where all players can create new entries, as well as see entries from other players? I'm thinking of a variation of a West Marches style campaign, and using the campaign logger to keep track of some of the campaign details as a gm...
  5. V

    Creating Campaign Entries from within Campaign Logs

    If I'm making a Campaign Log and name a brand new character by typing "@name", shouldn't "@name" then automagically become a Campaign Entry? Seems weird that I should have to go to Entries and manually add that character if it already exists in a Log. See video: video
  6. JohnnFour

    Preview 3rd party links

    @JochenL Got a fantastic suggestion from an RPT GM yesterday on having the hover/tap preview function work for third party links. His specific ask was for D&D Beyond. If you link to a ghoul, for example, could hovering over that link in CL bring up the D&DB page details? Previews to any third...
  7. Frost Birch

    Filter options for generator

    Is there a way to force a result for a generator? I was looking at the five-room dungeon generator for an "apprentice-level" dungeon but had to reset or reroll several times to get one. then many many more to get a second to compare. If there was a way to filter t
  8. L

    Tracking Time

    The marketing blurb states: "Also use this cool feature to effortlessly track how much time passes during sessions - even down to the round count." I'm hoping you're referring to game time rather than real time, since I don't really need tracking of real time. If so, how do you do this? I've...
  9. L

    Evaluation questions for vNext

    Hi, I have never used any version of Campaign Logger. A few years I took a look at it as a replacement for Realm Works. With a limit of ~400 words it wasn't a good fit. I now see campaign entries have a much large limit. Since I've never used it, I'm not completely familiar with the...
  10. G

    Proposed Reference Implementation

    Just thinking about this, hopefully John and others can pitch in. 3 core Logs - Journal - actual session notes - Plans - any preparation for games, fronts, plots, loopy planning, etc. - Buckets - inbox for ideas Master - master data for anything referenced in logs. This should be used for...
  11. ELF

    Generator feature request: global variable introduction

    For me the biggest cause of showstopper issues is how introduction of global variables in handled. As expected, global variables need to be introduced in a generator that uses them: globals: species: '' culture: '' civilization: '' But if that generator calls another generator that...
  12. Ithril

    Feature Suggestion: Support for foreign characters

    I often use foreign alphabet letters (specifically Greek) for placeholders for certain characters when I'm building a story. I think it would be handy for CL to be able to display these characters. Thanks I
  13. K

    Campaign calendar?

    When I was researching CL I swore I saw something about a tool to set up a campaign-world calendar that would then align with custom datestamps. Now I can't seem to find info about such a thing. Did I hallucinate this...?
  14. Kathorus

    Suppress Uncategorized and Customize Generator side menu

    Is there a way to Suppress the Uncategorized category and/or remove the stock generators that are there? I suppose it's easy enough to ignore, but I'd like full customization over what is there. Would also be great to be able to order the categories in a custom fashion as well instead of just...
  15. P

    Feature to share logs with (unpaid) players?

    Hi gents, I seem to recall reading somewhere that there were plans to update Campaign Logger to allow for us GMs to share logs with players (unpaid users) - is that still in the works? I've been a player in a game for a while but it will be my turn back in the GM chair soon, so I've been...
  16. JohnnFour

    Feature Request: Bulk add rows in new generator UI

    @mKlaumann @JochenL Can we make it as easy as copy & paste within the UI to populate individual tables? I build my data sets in Excel or plain text file. It would be ideal to create generators straight from there instead of building row by row in the UI, or switching to Code mode and adding...
  17. Hannu

    Generator Public Interface Definition

    I am creating a fleet / army generator Should we agree syntax for call points. For example the generator could include "interfaces:" that would be similar to tags. In the interfaces one could list those of the subtables that are meant to be exposed to external parties. For example I have...
  18. Hannu

    Feature Request - Clean mode for Missing generators

    It would be so nice if we had clean mode for not found generators For example for "They are going to hunt for {gen:JungleBirds#smallAnimal} in the next hunt" It could show "They are going to hunt for <underscore>smallAnimal from JungleBirds<underscore> in the next hunt" if the generator is...
  19. mKlaumann

    Generator Icon Request-Thread

    Hey everybody, today I announced the release of the new Generator Web App. If you already took a look, you might have noticed, that generators automatically get an icon assigned. We got Icons for the most used keywords of public generators, but I know that those won't be enough. If you need a...
  20. G

    History, Master, Plan (Feature)

    Categorize any type of entry by whether it is History, Master, Plan (Feature). Master data describes static information about the tags therein. Plan is something that could happen Plans can be exacted or discarded, and if enacted linked to a history entry (the default of what people did)