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Campaign Logger Request/Suggestion


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I've been testing the trial version of the campaign logger, and had an idea that I wanted to bring up. (Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere).

Currently I have Trial access to the campaign logger, and after a few few courses in the Workshop, along with some other projects I'm working on, I can see how useful the software can be. However, my concern is that you can only access it fully via Patron by paying $10 per month. Otherwise it costs $7.00 monthly.

What I'm wondering is if it would be possible to offer limited access to the logger at Silver or Gold Patron levels. This idea really came after seeing the limitations on the trial version, and wondering why can't this idea be expanded on Patron. What I am suggesting is something like this:
  1. The Trial version keeps the limit of 2 campaigns with 100 entries each.
  2. For Silver Level, a limit of 5 - 10 Campaigns, with 250 new entries allowed monthly.
  3. For Gold Level, a limit of 20 - 25 Campaigns, with 300 new entries allowed monthly.
  4. For Platinum Level, an unlimited number of Campaigns and entries.
To help add value, I would put in the following limitations:
  1. The number of Campaigns is hard-set, and it builds off of levels below it, so as an example:
    1. in the trial version, I create 2 campaigns with 25 entries in one campaign, and 80 entries in the second,
    2. I join the silver tier, which offers 5 campaigns, each with 250 entries allowed per month of activity.
      1. I can create an additional 3 campaigns, making the total of campaigns 5
      2. each month, I am given 150 entries I can create within each campaign.
      3. there is no "roll-over" for unused campaign entries, unused entries are lost, and each month you get a new set of 150 entries per campaign.
  2. At gold level, if the campaign limit is increased to 25, a user would obtain 20 new campaigns to create, and he would be given 300 entries to use each month, again with no "roll-over" on unused campaign entries, (they are "use it or loose it")
  3. Also of importance, used campaigns and campaign logs remain indefinitely, they should not be deleted.
  4. If a user is not active, they should be able to effectively login to the trial version, and be able to read and download their logs, but unless they have less than 100 entries, they would not be able to create new log entries.
I hope that explains the idea. I also feel that it is important to state that I am not against the $10 tier, however for me personally, without a yearly payment option, $10 per month is not always sustainable, especially given the state of the world right now. I know you guys are working on a solution for this for Patrons, as well as other non-patreon options, I just felt that this may be another alternative that might help make the logger more accessible overall. (and yes, I need more than 2 campaigns with 100 logs) :)

I'd love to hear other thoughts on this.
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Thanks for the suggestion @Lensman! I really like the idea of different access tiers for Patrons.

@JochenL and I will be refactoring the Free Trial feature set at some point. And from there we can build tiers.