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Fantasia Archive


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Fantasia Archive is a newcomer on the campaign management front:
100% free, powerful & feature-rich offline worldbuilding tool that runs on your computer!

The user interface reminds me of Notion. There is not much info available on the web site, visitors are probably expected to dive into their Discord. The related Patreon site tells a bit more:
I am Elvanos, the developer of Fantasia archive and Mythkeeper and the creator of many Wonderdraft assets along with the theme Ralia – all completely for free with no hidden fees, microtransactions, data-harvesting, tracking or anything similar; you get what you download, nothing less, and nothing more.
My current first goal is to get Fantasia archive to be as best it can be to fulfill as many needs and niches of any passionate writer/world-builder/GM/etc. as possible. This includes the following features that will progressively be implemented:

  • Intuitive document management with automatic linking to each other
  • High customizability of the data
  • Data templates and custom sheets for characters/locations/etc.
  • Image/other media uploading support
  • Integration with graphical maps via pin system linking to different pages
  • A form of a timeline to easily track the course of the history of your world
  • An automatically generated, graphical relationship tree (family tree, language tree, magical schools, etc.)
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