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digital tools

  1. ELF

    Black Cat Familiar

    Black Cat Familiar is a free, Windows-based helper utility for running D&D 5e games: https://blackcatfamiliar.org/ The software is actively developed and just received an update today: https://blackcatfamiliar.org/download
  2. JohnnFour

    Simple browser whiteboard

  3. ELF

    DnD Map Sketcher

    Dnd Map Sketcher is a a new online mapping tool for drawing isometric dungeon maps in the browser. Players can connect to the same session, seeing what the GM sees. https://danifm.itch.io/dnd-map-sketcher The tool is still heavily in development, but has already managed to bring something new...
  4. ELF

    Critical Zero

    Critical Zero, yet another roleplaying app, is currently kickstarting: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/criticalzero/crtitical-zero This is a strange one - there is a long list of features but not much concrete facts, just some zoomed-in UI details in the campaign video that looks like it...
  5. ELF

    Dungeon Map Doodler

    Quite like Dungeon Scrawl, Dungeon Map Doodler allows to draw dungeon maps directly in the browser. Also available are some art assets for furnishing the dungeon. https://dungeonmapdoodler.com/
  6. ELF

    Dungeon Scrawl

    Dungeon Scrawl is a neat, browser based dungeon map editor that produces maps with Dyson Logos style hatching: https://dungeonscrawl.com/
  7. JohnnFour


    Sly Flourish is testing out Notion.so for his campaign notes: https://twitter.com/SlyFlourish/status/1268512288077684737
  8. ELF


    Townscaper is more like a toy than a tool, and it's not out yet, even in early access. Still, it would be cool to use something like this with tabletop RPGs: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1291340/Townscaper/
  9. JohnnFour


    There's a whole bunch of virtual tabletops out there now. Use this thread to inventory them all.
  10. ELF

    Atlas Worlds

    Atlas Worlds is a newcomer in the campaign management field (currently Kickstarting). Their premise seems quite simple and the focus is on revealing campaign information to players piece by piece: https://atlasworlds.com/ But the tool has also some advanced functionality for handling the GM...
  11. ELF

    Don't Kill Your Party

    A new online service Don't Kill Your Party aims to simulate encounters in order to create a suitable challenge level to match the party: The site is currently accepting alpha testers: https://www.dontkillyourparty.com/alpha/signup
  12. JohnnFour

    Crafty Dice Online Mapper

    An interesting approach for building an online mapper: https://rollinitiative.netlify.com/home
  13. JohnnFour

    List of Digital GM Tools

    This list will start small and grow over time. Please share below what apps and sites you use to help your GMing. The goal here is to list only good tools — ones you'd give at least a 3 star rating to. Campaign Organization Campaign Logger => https://www.roleplayingtips.com/campaign-logger/...
  14. ELF

    Build Your Map

    BuildYourMap.com looks like it could be useful for organizing also RPG campaigns: http://www.buildyourmap.com/
  15. Hannu

    Die roller - dice rooms

    Found this - looks neat https://rolz.org/
  16. JohnnFour

    Foundry VTT

    From RPT GM Nik L: Foundry VTT is a newer VTT currently in beta, but already outstripping all others in terms of features and performance. It's got an amazing open API that allows for powerful community-driven extension and system development, so it will be effectively as customizable as...
  17. JohnnFour

    Online Dice Rollers

    Online dice rollers list: https://rolz.org/ http://rolldicewithfriends.com/ http://a.teall.info/mdice/ http://unseenservant.com/ These should allow GM and player to see/share results. Also, for personal use: https://dice.campaign-logger.com/ https://www.google.com/search?q=dice+roller...
  18. JohnnFour

    Fate VTT

    From RPT GM Daniel D: Hello Johnn, There is a good dedicated VTT for Fate at http://fate.masac.cz.
  19. ELF

    RPG Map Editor 2

    This mapping software is available as a PWYW download as well as a browser app: https://deepnight.itch.io/tabletop-rpg-map-editor The licensing terms are generous as well: I haven't yet put this tool to the test, but at least the sample maps look quite classy: There is also one unique feature:
  20. ELF


    InfinitasDM is a new campaign manager for me, even though it has been released already in 2016: https://store.steampowered.com/app/555180/InfinitasDM/ User reviews are worth checking out, though.