digital tools

  1. JohnnFour


    A couple of interesting apps here: Monster Workbench and Player Workbench. Windows only.
  2. ELF


    Scabard has just opened Content Exchange for sharing log entries between users:
  3. ELF

    Portrait Wizard

    Another Steam Weekly deal - Portrait Wizard for 25% off: It's worth noting that this is Early Access software.
  4. ELF

    Illwinter’s Floorplan Generator

    This week’s deal on Steam: ASCII import is certainly an innovative feature. (Hmm, would it work with NetHack?...)
  5. ELF

    Spire of Sorcery – Character Generator

    The character generator for an upcoming CRPG Spire of Sorcery could be useful for a TTRPG GM as well, IMHO:
  6. ELF


    Early access campaign management software in Steam: Based on the customer reviews, it really seems like an early access product. But at least it’s free...
  7. ELF


    Kanka is an online campaign management tool that was launched in 2017: It’s free (Patreon-supported), allows collaborative campaign management and has an API for third-party tool development. It also seems to be less than well known. There are some neat features, like...
  8. ELF


    The RPGSmith app has been available for several years already, but is now running a Kickstarter to develop the tool for gamemastering and campaign management: The approach seems to be to build from the ground up...
  9. ELF

    Realm Works

    The years-in-the-making content market for Realm Works has now been launched: The prices range from $8 for a single adventure to $50 for an adventure path.
  10. ELF

    World Anvil

    Yesterday World Anvil launched a publishing channel for RPG authors and small/medium publishers: Needless to say, this is an interesting way to utilize world/campaign management tools.
  11. ELF

    Paper Tokens Generator

    If you are interested in printing your own tokens, pawns or tents, Paper Tokens Generator is a handy online tool for that: Unfortunately it's not possible to upload local files, but you have to specify a URL or select the file from your Dropbox.
  12. JohnnFour

    Campfire Pro

    Aimed at writers, it helps you brainstorm and organize. Screenshots: Blurb from Reddit: Posted by u/campfiretechnology 20 days ago [Resource] New Story Planning Tool for Writers Hello, r/characterforge! We wanted to share the software our company created called Campfire - it provides...
  13. ELF


    I noticed this at the last minute, but AetherCon is just starting a panel about "Technology and Tabletops - How the Computer has Changed Tabletop RPGing". This could become relevant also from the campaign logging perspective: (This will be available for watching also after the online con...
  14. ELF

    Foundry VTT

    This newcomer on the Virtual TableTop scene looks promising: This is a self-hosted system, so no subscriptions are needed. A demo is available.
  15. ELF

    Dungeon Fog

    The dungeon design software Dungeon Fog has now officially launched. If you login and create at least one map during this launch weekend, you can even earn a sweet achievement. :) A basic account is free.
  16. ELF


    In the summer the German "Better than Life" development team ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter for their campaign management tool YARPS. Today they have announced that the project will return. In the Kickstarter campaign they did not show much of the actual tool, but have now decided to create a...
  17. ELF

    Legend Keeper

    A Patreon project for a new world creation tool called Legend Keeper launched this week: The tool is still a work in progress and not that many details have been revealed, but apparently the approach is map-based: you start with an overview of the world...
  18. ELF

    Fantasy Calendar

    Here's an interesting take on a calendar tool: In addition to basic calendar functionality, you can also add weather and events directly to the calendar. Presets for a number of well-known RPG worlds are available, and you can also import a JSON file. The user...
  19. D

    CL and DnD Beyond

    Are any of you using DnD Beyond? I'm using it with CL by mostly adding the url for monster pages to entries and it has worked great for me thus far. (DnD Beyond is a terrible tool for actually running a campaign) Does anyone have any good tips on how you use the two together?
  20. beerwithdragons


    What digital tools do you use to keep track of the days and months in your campaign?