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Generator: Social Roles


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One of the details in crafting 3 line NPCs ... Social Role

    "name": "Social Roles",
    "explanation": "A social role is a set of expectations, responsibilities and norms that are placed on an individual in a society. ",
    "path": "",
    "categories": [
        "@ NPCs"
    "formatting": "Old",
    "resultPattern": "{Social Role}",
    "wrapResultInCurlyBraces": false,
    "tables": [
            "name": "Social Role",
            "entries": [
                "Board Member",
                "Business Owner",
                "Chief Executive Officer",
                "Company Director",
                "Company President",
                "Creative Director",
                "Customer Service Representative",
                "Elected Official",
                "Film Director",
                "General of the military",
                "Home Owner",
                "Prime Minister",
                "Religious Leader",
                "Service Staff",
                "Significant Other",