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I have a Page on Google Documents for Generators and Discussion of what you guys want/request.


In the link above I have about 4 working generators, which is less than half of what I have created, but I figure they might be things you may use better as the rest are geared toward Harry Potter fanfiction.
Please join me on there and post a few requests. The first link (above) has a talk page and the address of the completed generators, they aren't on the same page, mostly due to my fear that someone may try to edit or delete my generators.


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I am a fan of the Wand Generator!

IMHO, you should add a license to your generators. If you opt for a permissive license, you may well decide to publish them in the Generator Library (https://github.com/open-campaign-logger/generator-library). I could even set up a protected branch for you, so that changes to your generators are only possible after a review.
How do I license them? And where would I go to do that?

Also, thank you for telling me about the License. It may prove helpful. And I'm happy that you like the Wand Generator.

Any help is appreciated very much.