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PANZA Public Domain / Creative Commons CC-0 draft RPG


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I have long been a customer of Postmortem / Grim and his work. I am really liking this PANZA idea:

Post : #OpenDnD – PANZA 2.0 – Public Domain Roleplaying Industry ELE Bootstrap Kit
URL : https://postmortemstudios.wordpress...omain-roleplaying-industry-ele-bootstrap-kit/
Posted : February 1, 2023 at 4:04 pm
Author : grimachu
Tags : ogl, openDnD, public domain
Categories : News, Shop


Here's the link ( https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Vcc_KDy-0KZt1gPwFk7NDUAGrQSJYrvB?usp=sharing ) .

UPDATE: Version 2.0 is now in the folder.

Rules systems cannot be copyrighted, only their arrangement, order or phrasing. As such, to preserve the future of a ‘common tongue’ of roleplaying games, I have spent the time since the OGL announcement modifying and producing (with help) a genericised version of the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of roleplaying games. It is not complete by any means and is not meant to be a playable game in and of itself, but it lays out concepts and common gaming heritage so as to allow people to continue to write and create without hindrance – hopefully.

If you think anything needs adding, find any errors or notice any outstanding IP or TM that hasn’t been excised, please contact me at grimstales@googlemail.com ( mailto:grimstales@googlemail.com ) and title the email PANZA [Title]. I am actively soliciting your feedback and contributions.

This is public domain and is not intended to infringe on any copyright, trademark or intellectual property. Remedy will be made if any credible challenge can be made to the content.

Homer sleep now.

(and Wizards can STILL go <BEEP> themselves).

Add a comment to this post: https://postmortemstudios.wordpress...leplaying-industry-ele-bootstrap-kit/#respond
Note - I replaced a word with BEEP for G-rated / humorous purpose.

Grim has been, is, and probably always be a controversial figure in RPG publishing circles due to his *cough* outspoken approach *cough* to handling direct attacks against him or his work.

If you choose not to look in on PANZA because of the past, that reputation, or his positions on things of importance to you - that's fair.

Offering this here (with the above caveats) because I find it a fascinating approach, a work with merit of its own, and intriguing possibilities and think it deserves to be shared for those reasons.